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[OKAY, the following isn't true, according to Gale Anne Herd]
With The Walking Dead absolutely killing it, in the ratings, a strange turn of events have happened. According to Deadline Hollywood Frank Darabont has released all of the writing staff for The Walking Dead, this even includes his number two, the writing executive producer Charles “Chic” Eglee. Also for the second season Frank Darabont is looking to assign scripts to freelancers instead of having a writing team. Now a change in writing staff in between season's is commonplace but to get rid of the entire writing team, is quite strange.But whatever Darabont's plans are, he has along time to think things over and decide what path to take as the second season of The Walking Dead doesn't launch until just under a year from now, in October 2011.What do you guys think? Do you trust Frank Darabont?

Now, a brief aside from

Earlier this week, Deadline reported that Shawshank Redemption filmmaker Frank Darabont — who developed the Walking Dead for television and directed the pilot — had let go the show’s writers, including Murder One co-creator Charles “Chic” Eglee. But earlier today, Hurd refuted that allegation. “It’s completely inaccurate,” she told EW exclusively.  “[In] the writers’ room, there are people that have set up other projects that will be their first priority if their own series is picked up as a pilot or if it’s a series. I think [Eglee] just decided that he wants to run his own show.”

Hurd said the Walking Dead will probably return in October. “I think Frank and Robert [Kirkman, writer of the Walking Dead comic and an executive producer on the show] will sit down early next year, to begin mapping it out.” She also confirmed that “every one of the principal cast is signed up for multiple seasons.”

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Zombieland featured the funniest cameo of 2009, so it’s no surprise that reports are coming in that Columbia Pictures want to repeat the trick with Zombieland 2.Bloody Disgusting report that the studio are seeking out names of the calibre of Harrison Ford and Anthony Hopkins – in other words, big stars with spades of gravitas.But even as the reports went live, Zombieland writer Rhett Reese hopped onto Twitter to deny them, writing: “The Zombieland 2 rumors reported today are false.” As well as: “The Zombieland 2 rumors feel like they were the product of a game of ‘Telephone’. Distorted.”A case of double bluffing from the scribe? We hope that the writers have something a little fresher up their sleeves for the undead sequel. Many a sequel has gone the way of the Dodo by lazily repeating beats from their predecessors.On the plot front, we also hear that Zombieland 2 could feature a new lead villain, while Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg find themselves competing against a "hunky rival".


That David Ellis-directed 3D shark thriller formerly known as Shark Night 3D will hit theaters on September 2, 2011. Relativity picked up the film for distribution earlier this week.Ellis previously helmed Snakes on a Plane, Final Destination 2 and The Final Destination. A new title for his latest effort is forthcoming. Click on the aforementioned link for more details on the project.


Although known for his comedies,he did star in a few Horrors, Creepshow (1982) playing a murderer in the segment ‘Something to tide you over’ and also in Prom Night (1980). It comes with a saddened heart, that the BBC reports, veteran comic actor Leslie Nielsen has unfortunately passed away. The star of such comedy hits as Airplane! and The Naked Gun series passed away in hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The star was being treated for pneumonia when he sadly passed away.Leslie Nielsen was born in the Canadian city of Regina in 1926, he got into the business in the 1950's where he started as a television actor and he performed in over 150 dramas. Nielsen then went on to star in the 1980's comedy hit Airplane! and that was start of many more comedies to come.

He went on to star in The Naked Gun series as Det. Lt. Frank Drebin and continued making people laugh all around the world, a true funny man he will be sadly missed. Leslie Nielsen appeared in well over 100 films and had a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

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