Thursday, December 23, 2010

Life's Dichotomies

Why do people so respect those with "nerves of steel"? Have you ever considered just what it takes to not allow extreme pressures to affect you?

People like the "nerves of steel" type, because they build companies. But typically, they make lousy lovers. Maybe they can be hot for a night, maybe because of the fear they invoke, the intensity with is insanity, that you can take for focus, power; but, for anything more than a night at a time, these types are complete nightmares. Ask anyone who has ridden that train.

Why do women like the "bad boys" when they get treated so poorly and in reality they really want the good boys? They want to be treated like they were good boys, but at moments, they want the intensity of the bad boy. Is it any different than those men who want the angel in the kitchen and the whore in the bed room?

What is it about this dichotomy?

Why do people respect what is the opposite of what they need?
Why are we so attracted to what is bad?


Could it be because some of us, are too dependent upon others for our intensity? Our, thrills? Rather than create our own excitement? We are social creatures, but we really need to depend mostly, upon our selves. Once we accept becoming adults, we are responsible for ourselves, entirely.

We need to see that in our daily lives, in our relationships, in those we choose as friends, and lovers. Because, if we gives even a little more thought to our choices, and how we live our lives, our life will get a little better. And isn't that worth the effort?

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