Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Obama Administration Science Guidelines

This is a topic that seems counter intuitive. When scientists come up with data, and mid level morons, I'm sorry, I mean, managers. Why, are people so afraid of what science has to say? Because it goes against the status quo? Because it goes sometimes against what people think? Isn't that the original purpose of science? To see what we cannot see because, we are stupid, which is basically deciding to remain ignorant, a time honored condition; or because we follow religious doctrine, or fear shedding knowledge that might go against our own prestige and previously uttered foolishness? I wonder how many times people have suffered because someone didn't want to "look bad"?

"Long-awaited guidelines ordered by President Obama last year to prevent government research from being altered or suppressed for political purposes so the integrity of government scientists can be protected could be released as early as Friday (December 17th).

"The guidelines are nearly 11/2 years overdue. During that time, the administration has drawn criticism for its own scientific missteps." article

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