Friday, December 31, 2010

"Collapse" - an Energy Documentary

I just watched one of the scariest documentaries I've ever seen. The film is directed by Chris Smith and it's called, "Collapse" (2009). It is, as the LA Times puts it: "...a spellbindingly weird one-man monologue by Michael Ruppert, a former LAPD officer and investigative journalist."

Spellbinding. Yes, indeed, it is, spellbinding. Terrifying, is more like it. The Times also said:

Smith admits that he has "very conflicted feelings" about Ruppert. "A lot of what he says is incredibly thought-provoking, with lots of historical support, but there are things that you'd probably get a lot of criticism for believing," he says. "So I wanted to give the audience the experience of living inside his world for 85 minutes. Even if you can't prove all of his ideas, his passion and belief is definitely concrete."

I suggest you check this out. Because even if he is wrong about what he says, he's right in that we really need to rethink how we are doing things. We need to prepare, because there is no question, that things are going to be changing, very soon, and indeed, if you look around you, they are changing now, and many things, are changing in the ways that Michael is saying they will change.

Consider if only, that Saudi Arabia is the largest oil field in the world, and they are starting to do off shore drilling. Its very expensive to do off shore drilling. So why do it? Unless you know something. And that something, as Michael puts it, is called, "Peak Oil". The point at which the production of oil peaks on a bell curve, and then starts coming down. And we have hit that peak and we are now on the down side of the curve.

When you consider what it made from oil and what depends on oil, for our well being, well, there is not really any question about it, we are in big trouble.

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