Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let's kill people for breaking "God's" Laws. Or are those Our Laws?

Woooohoooo...let's kill people. Fun, isn't it FUN people? God said we can. Our (Pakistani) government said we can. Our religious leaders are crying out for murder. Yehaw...we have dispensation to do it (how Catholic, don't you think?). We can kill and be rewarded in Heaven (That make believe location up in the sky with 72 virgins (Ugh, virgins) and here on Earth ($5,800 ain't bad for killing a Christian woman). Let's chant, come on, everyone! Kill the bitch, kill the bitch! Kill Kill Kill. Woohooo, look at me, I'm a muslim jerk (or should that be asshole?)! Note the lower case "m" in muslim. Why? Because, upper case "M" is a Muslim and those are good people. The lower case ones are Taliban, terrorists, bastardizers of the Islamic religion. And they don't even know it. Sad.

Okay, enough of displaying how these people appear to any sane person.

Before I get into this, I would like to say that I have an orientation in life that is very close to any Buddhist. But I would like to think of it as a more enlightened form of Buddha Dharma. I struggle with it daily, working against my original self, as I was raised, which was Catholic. I have opinions that work against me, I make mistakes, I sometimes have this pointed out to me and I do my best to correct my not so brilliant thoughts as I notice them.

But like as a friend of mine once told me of the leader in his family's "church" when he was younger: One day they were sitting at a picnic table, eating. A mosquito landed on their leaders arm. She was from all accounts, a character, a leader, intelligent, wise. Someone asked her a question about killing. Her response was to regard the mosquito, then smack it dead, there on her arm. She looked up, smiled and said: "Off to your next life." Then she went back to eating. Her point being, although you should not kill, when you do, know it, be aware, have a reason that requires it with reason, not nonsense, not made up reasons, not because "Joey told me to (or God)", have it be a good reason, then simply do it and move on with your life. Because it was required. And there is the rub. What is required? And finally, do NOT, put it into a God's lap. Do not blame others, you did it.

It is as Buddha had once said, when you recognize it, you know it. That leads many people to ignorance, because, they are by nature, ignorant. An enlightened soul, simply knows they are doing wrong. In these Muslim nations, where government and religion are one, this "knowing" becomes blurred. Very easily so, too.

When the State enforces "God's Laws" is is God who is enforcing Law, or is it people who are raising themselves above their own God? Becoming, self important. Fearing that perhaps God won't do His Job? Maybe God ain't Great enough to handle His own Laws. Perhaps Mohammad cannot handle doing his job, or perhaps God, won't enforce people speaking against Mr. great himself, Mohammad the Man. I have a question, was Mohammad really such a bastard as his modern day people seem to proclaim he was? And note, I said nothing bad about him. I've only asked a question. If you cannot hold your beliefs, your God's your idols up to scrutiny, perhaps you shouldn't be having them? Yes?

Really people? Really?

If God is so Great, then why in God's Name, does he need piddling little bastards like Us, to enforce His laws, to kill his creations?

This, from NPR:

Activists of the Pakistani fundamentalist party Jamat-i-Islami protest last month in Karachi, chanting slogans against Asia Bibi, a Christian mother sentenced to death for blasphemy.

 [what a nice looking group of young men calling for the murder of a kind woman who offered some people some water to drink.]
The woman in question, offered water to people in the fields. They refused saying she had contaminated the water because she was Christian. Now that is some religion you got there, you ignorant backward peasants. 
Still, the life of Asia Bibi, a mother of two and stepmother of three, is at stake.

AP -Asia Bibi at a prison in Sheikhupura, near Lahore, on Nov. 20.  She appeared in a televised interview from her prison, tearfully denying the blasphemy charges that led to her death sentence.

A cleric has offered 500,000 rupees — roughly $5,800 — to anyone who kills the now eighteen month long jailed woman, who is being held in the district jail in the city of Sheikhupura. The Taliban also have threatened retribution should she be spared, yet another sign the case has become a rallying point for extremists. [why, oh WHY, do these people love killing women so much? Freud? Any thoughts there? Could it be that sex is so forbidden and they are simply PISSED off at life?]
The Rev. Samson Dilawar, a Catholic priest, with Ashiq Masih, husband of Asia Bibi, and daughter Sidra
Reporter is Julie McCarthy/NPR Photo is of the Rev. Samson Dilawar, a Catholic priest, with Ashiq Masih, husband of Asia Bibi, and daughter Sidra at a safe house where the family agreed to be interviewed.

A Frightened Family

Within 24 hours of the Taliban warning, Asia Bibi's family fled their home in the Christian colony of Gloria in Sheikhupura, a 90-minute drive from Lahore. [so, religion, once again, is making people run for their lives; but I'm sure its what God wants]

The Vatican has called for her release. Well, at least her people are sticking up for her.

The Taliban, biggest losers in the world, want to murder a woman. Do these people not see what degenerates they are? Killing women? Old women? Do we need people like this on the face of the earth who put themselves above their own God?

I think "an eye for an eye", a quote from the same miserable texts they decry their own citizens from, perhaps should be turned upon them, their clerics, their governments. If we're going to go to war, perhaps it should be for something like this. Where innocent people are demanded to be put to death, for being kind, as they say (and which always confused me) "God fearing people".

I think what we need is a small, elite group who simply goes in and kills all those people who think like this, simply wipe out those who think we should treat others like this. Then when they are all dead, they can wipe themselves out.

I jest, but this, is not funny. These people, this form of thought, organizations like this, religions like this, really need to be wiped from the face of the earth. What God, would allow His people to treat His people in such ways? Does this religion, these people, this government, not sound like something bred and raised in caves, by cave people? By ignorant, delusional, self serving, self aggrandizing, people?

It angers me, that any group would put upon any other group like this. To put people, who are obviously good people, I mean, she offered them water for God's sake, for Mohammad's sake, she was trying to take care of people who weren't even of her religion. And they want to put her to death after 18 months in prison? For what?

Someone just told me (this is hearsay, but she is usually accurate), that. about a year ago a woman was sentenced to death for a having a baby out of wedlock. She was raped and was too traumatized by the ordeal to come forward. This information was ignored, she was branded a whore and stoned to death.

Hearing things like that really sickens me. How can people in those countries NOT see what they are doing? No, no need to explain it, I have a degree in psychology. I KNOW. But still, I have to wonder, how. I ponder on the turning a blind eye to this kind of thing, going on around the world. I know all about the borders of other nations, thing. I know we perhaps, shouldn't sacrifice our military on this kind of thing. Or is that what its for, beyond protecting our own borders?

I'm really not a war mongerer, but this kind of thing sometimes makes me want to be. I've always stood up for the underdog (unless they ask for it on purpose and no, a girl wearing sexy clothes is not asking for it!). Even in grade school I got beat up repeatedly for standing up for other kids being picked on by bullies. I really don't like seeing organized people putting down individuals, even groups, like this. Its bad enough we have religions allowing this, but for the governments to be infested with religious doctrine to where its institutionalized even further...well...it makes me crazy sometimes. And for governments, who KNOW better, to whine about its citizens being backward and "what can we do, or me, oh my" oh get some balls. And this goes for America too ("Don't ask, Don't tell, sound familiar?).

I tell you, this part of the world sickens me sometimes. There is simply no excuse for people, for forms of thought like this, to exist. And the sooner we wipe them out, the better. I do not suggest, truly, killing them, though it is a feel good solution. But they need to be made to be the pariah's of the world until they see the ignorance, the errors of their ways, of their God's ways. But really? I don't think this has a thing to do with God, Mohammad, or any prophets, but with people, with greedy government leaders, who would create such a law. It would seems in some cases, a religion is cruel and unusual punishment. And yes, a religion's people are the religion, so don't give me that tired argument.

Leaders are supposed to lead but instead, they set themselves up for power and this is what we get:

Stupid, ignorant religions and even stupider, more ignorant people who follow them.

It seems the President of Pakistan has called for a full review, and people aren't usually put to death for this. But to even be able to be jailed for speaking WORDS, really needs to be addressed world wide (hear this China?) and people should be allowed to talk without fear of being jailed, or put to torture, or death.

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