Thursday, December 30, 2010


I really wasn't sure whether to put this under Entertainment, or commentary. When things have turned the corner on national Okay, let's not get too carried away, right?

When you find web sites like this one,, to locate where to get certified and to purchase a substance that has been generally illegal for decades, one has to wonder, one has to think: things have really changed. By the way, they have a couple of sister sites: 420 Petition and Marijuana Doctors.

And its about time. The thought that anyone has ever spent fifteen years in jail for possession of a single cannabis cigarette, is far beyond the pale. Making something illegal so criminals can profit by it, as they've been doing for decades, is ridiculous. Making something illegal because of a Zeitgeist of ignorance, also has no excuse.

As it is with Penn Jillette, and as I've previously stated many times, I'm not advocating the use of drugs, just American's freedom to make decisions for themselves about what they do with their own bodies. The government should never have gotten involved in banning things like alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis.

If we want to legislate high taxes on those substances, I don't have an argument with that. If people want it badly enough, then they should just grow their own. We can legally produce our own alcohol or tabacco at home. We are allowed to create or grow more than enough for personal use. The same should be true for cannabis.

There are other areas where the government has gotten too involved in our personal lives and they need to back off. We have to start somewhere to reclaim our rights and these are obvious ones.

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