Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Music and TV - What's up?

Has anyone noticed that there seems to be a lot thicker connection lately between TV shows and music? "Treme" (HBO, Sunday evenings), about New Orleans right after Katrina; Memphis Beat (TNT, Tuesday evenings), about a Memphis Tennessee cop show with the inimitable Jason Lee, his newest show after, "My Name is Earl".

Why is this? What is this?

During the writers' strike some years ago, TV discovered "reality" shows. Note the word in quotes. That's because when they started we all thought they were "actuality" shows. But now we know, they are "supposed" to be about reality but they are really about entertainment that is merely based upon reality. Well, that's entertainment. Its like the difference between Science Fiction, and Sci Fi (or SyFy).

All I can say, is I love this connection. I would like to see more shows with these intense connections between the music we love and interesting, well written stories. Now I know that's asking a lot, but what the Hell. Give it a shot!


  1. thanks for sharing some interesting news.. love wathing music tv shows

  2. i love to watching movies and listening music but not both at the same time

  3. i am the big fan of the online tv and the latest music