Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DirecTV HD Tivo

I have a Sceptre 42" LCD TV. Love it. Yes, I've seen better, but its what I have and it looks great. I also have DirecTV. With that, I have their HD Tivo DVR. Love that too. Unless I have to use the menu system.

I have worked in the computer industry in one capacity or another for decades. I have programmed, administered, monitored, supervised, you name it. I know what it takes to build, program, produce, maintain, fix and suggest changes to.

I can't tell you have annoyed I am with this system. Now before this DirecTV Tivo I had their non HD version. Its now in my bedroom. Its nice because when I can't catch a show on the TV in the media room, I can catch it on the bedroom Tivo. Just before I got the HD TV and associated equipment, I had a programming update which gave me some cool and faster features. I could even undelete things. But then I got the HD version. God, it was painfully slow.

What's slow about it? when you are in the menu system just paging up or down a screen, is too slow. It has an applications screen with fun apps available, like weather, foreign language word of the day, biorhythems, etc., but good God its even slower.


Tivo says me so much time between allowing me to watch what I want when I want, need to, or can. It helps me to compress the time spent by fast forwarding through fluff, pausing to answer the phone, or talk about an issue we just saw on a show or movie, and downloading what I want many times when I want.

What does waste my time, is sadly, the menu system. The argument I've been given was you have to down load from the satellite, data in order to be updated when you view something. Right. Whatever.

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