Friday, July 9, 2010

Ever do something you later regretted?

There's probably a lot of those kinds of movies, but one for sure, has to be, "Fear City" (1984). No Lady Gaga, no Britney Spears, but some of the more "interesting" babes of the day. Anyway, I was just checking it out. There's so many babes in that film. Oh my God. Naked women everywhere. "Fear City". Sounded like a good, intense, crime thriller. Or something. But no, not exactly.

Tom Berenger stars and I can see why he took the job. But I have to wonder, did he asked for pay? But, then I would have to wonder about Billy Dee Williams. And Jack Scalia, Rossano Brazzi, Joe Santos, and Jan Murray. Well. Jan Murray. No real thought needed there, he kind of in that film. Or maybe not. He fits even better in softer flicks.

These were babes in their prime, too: Melanie Griffith, Ray Dong Chong (daughter of Cheech & Chong comedy team's Tommy Chong), Maria Conchita Alonso, Ola Ray, Emilia Crow (as Emilia Lesniak, there's someone who changed their name), Helen McGara (Ms .45), Janet Julian, Great Guns there's some babes in this thing. And set in what? Of course, a strip club.

I think there is a plot. I'm trying to remember. Something about Tom being an ex boxers (There's a little something in this for the ladies too, evidently). This is Abel Ferrara's follow up to the far more interesting, if you rape me twice in one day I'll go on a killing spree flick called, Ms. 45 (1981), that got him much attention leading into other things for him. Such as Fear City. Abel wrote and directed The Bad Lieutenant and the cult film, New Rose Hotel. So its not like he can't turn out a good, at least, interesting flick.

This thing has a bizarre slasher freak who thinks he's Bruce Lee's untalented cousin or something, Mafia types (or at least Italian tough guy types), hot girls (no real complaint there), but a shaky plot and script. Also, I don't ever remember there being a martial arts slasher type. Typically, martial arts is a good healthy outlet. There's been bullies, but usually its a good outlet. Maybe its too much hard work for a personality that is so into easy satiation of their bent impulses.

So, if you're sitting around looking for something interesting to watch on a Friday night with no great options available, feel free to watch this flick. But, keep a few things in mind first. Like, drink vodka, effusively (or hey, your choice). You should probably be attracted to naked women, or at least watching their naked forms dancing around a stripper pole with lots of old guys jeering at them. There is some tough guy stuff and some untough guy stuff that is even more interesting; and the slasher guy is kind of funny in a warped sort of way. Just keep the remote handy. It has a fast forward button.

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