Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheerleading a sport?

Some of you might be saying, oh no, not again....

And granted, I've not really got much to say at this time on this topic, but here is a piece from NPR radio by Frank Deford on his "Sweetness and Light" column.

His thoughts? Well, they go something like this:

"It was a complicated case that forced this decision, wherein one more college — Quinnipiac, this time — was trying to get around Title IX stipulations. The more women who go to college, forming a greater majority of students, the more women's sports we must have, and that is hard for a lot of male athletic officials to deal with. All the more reason, it seems to me, to certify cheerleading.

"But here is one hard and fast rule I would make: Any college that is put on any athletic probation — like the University of Southern California — for violating NCAA rules should not be allowed to have cheerleaders at any of its games. No cheerleaders for cheaters."

Its nice to hear more people talking about this.

For more, see the full article: Cheerleading A Sport? You'll Know It When You See It

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