Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July - Special Ed. Congrats Happy Independence America!

And on a day of Independence Day celebrations and explosions, a link to an article about the biggest Human created firework in the sky in the history of the world:

Have a great 4th of July, Holiday American (strangely said with a French accent). The rest of the world, well, you have a good day too!

And hey, all you terrorists, insurgents, losers and just general "I want to kill people" (and your basic and in general, asshole) types; why don't you all celebrate with America on America's Birthday, and take the day off from hurting people who you don't EVEN KNOW; take your typical Rube Goldberg thinking about fixing your life situation and just RELAX; have a drink, consider reality over that of your typical, "magical thinking that makes me want to kill others and feel all grand and superior to them" (in other words, tiny) mindset.

Yes, Religion = Magical Thinking (work it out). If you are REALLY into your magical thinkings, then go ahead, just cave in and praise (whomever) and spit it out: "God Bless America!" Okay, you can think it, you don't have to say it out loud and embarrass yourself in front of your loser friends.

See, you did it (you couldn't avoid it could you, pisses you off doesn't it?). Now, doesn't that feel better. You want to attack America, but you KNOW you WANT to enjoy our lifestyle, isn't that really what you're pissed off about?

Well, Let It Go.

Try celebrating a little independence from your usual run of the mill, "I'm so in a rut", and "I wanna kill (especially innocent) people", way of thinking....

Have a beer and a hot dog. Celebrate Life, not death. You might find, you like it.

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