Friday, July 23, 2010

Californication with David Duchovny


I love that show.

I am but a splinter of David Duchovny's lead character, Hank .

Except for a few minor things.


Now, I'm not a successful writer (yet) or written a successful and acclaimed literary work (yet), nor had one transliterated and devastated into a major romantic comedic motion picture (yet). Though I do have some interesting screenplays (yeah yeah, who doesn't, right?). My short stories are interesting, anyway. I do have one short story coming out in a multi author anthology August 2010 and I am talking to a publisher about a book of my short stories. And I do have a few unfinished novels I'm still working on....still....

Its doubtful though, that I have balls of the appropriate size or density as does Hank, to be able to say whatever I think to whomever I want to say it to. Under any circumstances. At any location. He says and does many of the things I would love to get away with. But, I'm not Hank, nor Tommy Bolin, or Jim Morrison; all types that people took care of them because they were brilliant and lovable.

My problem is, I do tend to view the consequences. I think therefore, I am NOT. I do try to avoid repercussions that would befall my friends and family.
And my face.
And my teeth.

I also don't own a cool, beat up old Porche.

Nor do I change F*ck-buddies (phuquebuds?) like socks.

Although, the women I've experienced intimately aren't any less attractive than the ones Hank meets, they just don't steal my guitar, or my vinyl, or punch me in the face during sex.

But maybe I'm missing something?

Anyway, my point here is, quite the same as our Beloved World's Nurse, that its too early to be writing this kind of crap.

On the other hand, this show has given me hope. And we all need hope. Especially, writers.

It has inspired me to want to write again. I am after all, writing this.

It has also inspired me in through my Daily Life Rut. My DLR. You know what a DLR is, don't you? I assumed we all had one. They say after all, everyone has their own "cross to bear".

There are ways to change things up, shake things down. I like that image, of me, shaking down that Master of Life, or MR. Life; or is it MR. Death?

I always get them confused.

But, maybe there is hope for me after all? But maybe not.

I also haven't had sex with a minor that looks like a major, such as Hank did. Who was also his ex wife's, fiancee's daughter. No, haven't done that one. Well, not in a while anyway. OK, not in this millennium. But then, I hadn't known that she was a minor. God knows, she looked like a major. Then again, neither had Hank. Know, that is.

I also didn't get my second, amazing novel stolen and published by said minor. The one with the major league body that doesn't look like a minor (remember?).

So maybe we're not so different after all. Hank and I. Still, my life just isn't as f*cked up as his is. Or is it?

I have tried hard to simplify my life, for like, well, for all my life. But it seems those around me, really aren't helping with that simplification all that much. Not by a long shot. But I'll keep pluggin' away at it. And watching Hank.

Just in case he does happen to find that one answer for how to make things better. Or more interesting. But maybe more interesting isn't the answer. After all, his life is WAY too interesting. I think I enjoy watching it from a distance now. Because, my life was way to interesting too. Perhaps not as glamorous as Hanks, though.

"May you live in interesting times" is, after all, a notorious Ancient Chinese Curse.

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