Thursday, July 15, 2010

God died?

I just realized something. God died? They've said, "God is Dead".

And, that singularity? The one everyone talks about? The "big bang!"

Was that was God. Could that have been a God dying?

When we look out into the stellar spaces, is what we see, the corpse of God?

When you turn pure energy, absolute spiritual energies, into another form, it is like taking water and removing the heat, till you have ice.

So, there was God, all pure energy, having a lark, running about creating this and creating that, then there He was, something pulling Him into Himself, Imploding, until He turned to Matter and exploded out into the Universes (you didn't think one God could be contained in ONE Universe, DID you?!).

Cooling him down after his explosion, perhaps He began to congeal, to pull back together. Perhaps there will be an eschatological ending where God happens again in the end, when He "comes back" as all that, all those, Universes, pull back, coming back together again, which would cause another "big bang" and viola': God!

So, when He returns, which explains His absence, what will He do?

What about Jesus(?) you say? That semi-professional, God Magician? Changing water to wine and feeding all those people and all that? Walking on waters, replacing a guy's ear here and there?

Well, He WAS good. But that doesn't necessarily make him God, no matter what He said, and certainly no matter what others said years, decades, millenia after He died.

So, what if one God, one Buddha, met another?

How would the Universe react? What would happen then?

Perhaps, they might have tea. Nothing more I assure you.

But its interesting to consider. Isn't it.

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