Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If Twitter were around during the Third Reich

Recently unearthed Twitter using a before unknown Reichland technology between Heinrich Himmler, Hitler's Reichsführer of the SS and Hermann Göring, Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, President of the Reichstag, Prime Minister of Prussia, Plenipotentiary for the Implementation of the Four Year (economic) Plan, and designated successor to the speed freak himself, Adolf Hitler:

Himmler: Hey, "Fatso Göring"

Göring: Stop that, Der Henker! Damn those Allied soldiers....

Himmler: Fine, fine, but don't call me the hangman either, "gold pheasant". You guys there now?

Göring: Ja, we're here, you blond beast. For a while now, actually.

Himmler: WHY? Why does he want to visit an insane asylum?

Göring: Who knows? Maybe he feels at home here? But anyway, he's Hitler! But, hey, something funny happened.

Himmler: Do tell.

Göring: we were walking along, all the patients were "sieg heiling" him. One of them didn't.

Himmler: OOooo, I bet that got his panties in a bunch.

Göring: Ja! So, he asked the man, "Why do you not salute!" The man said, "But sir, I am the nurse. I am not crazy."

Himmler: LMFAO. OMG tinsel-heini, OMG LOLOLOL sooo funny....

Göring: Ja! Funny. Ja?

Himmler: All right, I have one. I heard you and Adolf were standing on top of Berlin’s radio tower.

Göring: Ja! We were there yesterday.

Himmler: Ja! Its new, it is going around all over here today.

Göring: So what, what?

Himmler: So, Hitler says he wants to do something to cheer up the people of Berlin.

Göring: Ja? And then what.

Himmler: Then you say: “Why don’t you just jump?”

Göring: OMG! Soooo funny. LOL And then, he JUMPS? Right?

Himmler: No, then he orders me to shoot you and YOU jump.

Göring: That's not funny....

So, too soon? Consider this:
“If you laugh about Hitler, you rob him of the metaphysical, demonic capabilities that the post-war apologists attributed to him.”
-- Author, German film director and screenwriter, Rudolph Herzog

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