Thursday, July 22, 2010

Did Humpty Dumpty Jump?

Last night, I was researching Friedrich Nietzsche. In one of his books, "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", "Umbermensch" was proposed as a goal for Humanity, something to set ourselves up to act for; to strive to be a person "above", someone "beyond", what we are now. Or more generally, whatever Humankind was at one time, it should always try to "rise above" Being. To evolve to a higher form.

Needless to say, some people, after having read this, apparently took the concept too far. During this Philosophical research, I was concurrently and perhaps mistakenly, watching an HBO Ricky Gervais special on Tivo. Ricky is famous for being in, directing and writing, the TV show, The Office; the Original, British TV show. And he was excellent in that role.

As far as the American version (with the hilarious Steve Carell) is concerned, well, as is true with most remakes of overseas shows (especially, Japanese shows in specific particularity); considering how so typically the remakes fail to capture the original flavor and charm of the originating show; well, OK, Steve Carell has done a good job, and actually so has that entire production.

Anyway, Ricky was talking about childrens' fairy tales and at one point, about Humpty Dumpty and how that would actually pan out, were you to bridge the gap from fantasy to Reality (whatever that would be).

For instance, why would you send ALL the King's horses to perform a medical procedure and what a really bad idea that would be. Wouldn't just twelve angry men do just as good of a job? Horses' hooves notwithstanding, what if the French had happened by at that time, to invade England? Another thing, why would anyone name their kid Humpty, when they clearly KNEW their last name is Dumpty, WHEN to start with, and your son is an EGG on top of it all!

So, in considering all this, one would simply have to speculate that Humpty Jr, didn't actually FALL off that wall, a wall that he could not even have climbed up to begin with. But regardless, by time he actually got to the top of the wall, there would really be nothing else that he could do EXCEPT to jump!

And anybody knows that any true "Suicide", really wants to die and really doesn't want any help to survive (and in case you don't know, "Suicides" do actually DO it; those you usually hear about that fail, don't really want to do it and are looking to be "saved". You see the ones that really do want to do it? They do their best to succeed and, well, they usually do.

So, there we have all the King's horses showing up to save HJ which would actually have worked in his favor, considering his apparent state of mind and ignoring
all the King's Men who also showed up and were almost as ignorant at emergency medical procedures and triage, and so they would only have contributed to the general mayhem and melee' format of the event.

And so, my dear medical speculatory travelers, its seems quite obvious to me, with all this overwhelming evidence, that the star of this bizarre childrens' poem that I had learned to love and appreciate as a child and all of my life, for the most part, really was simply put, a suicide!

Truly people, I'm rather flummoxed here at this unforeseen revelation. Maybe I should switch over to the Wizard of Oz, or worse, The Wiz?

It's like the time I was talking to my sister. We must have been in our late 30's and talking about the family dog, from when we were children. I said Mom and Dad had taken him to the "pound" (local Humane Society), but found an old guy with a farm where he could live out his years. You see, it seems "Bruno" had garnered the parents one too many animal control tickets over the years for philandering or whatever they call it for dogs who impregnate bitch after bitch (and some of them show dogs) until they finally couldn't afford it anymore.

My sister looked at me with pity in her face and said: "OH no, you don't still think mom and dad took the dog to a farm, do you?" At which point, I realized that good old mom and dad really had taken him and had him, "put down". He was getting up there in years and people usually want a younger dog.

Yet another childhood fantasy laid to rest.

And now this? HJ committing suicide? Does it never end?

What next? Alice's White Rabbit really was a coke addict? Which truly, would explain why he was so jumpy, paranoid and manic all the time. Not to mention that those shrooms Alice ate probably weren't really magical.

Where will it all end?

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