Friday, July 16, 2010

Democracy and Media, possible? The Media Bullies

OK, hey man, what's the Dealio? I mean, what the Hell happened to the Media and when are They going to step up and do something about it? Yeah, yeah, I know, its always up to us, right? Why?

Why have WE let literally everything have to do only with money? To the point that we only can think of life in the terms of how much money is involved, rather than how much involved is the quality, how much the humanity, how much Ethics?

Sound stupid? OK. Why?

I hear a lot about how if people want things to be better, then THEY need to stop buying what is wrong and start buying what is right. Right? Maybe. But does that remove the responsibility of those who are there to supply us with the right information? Are they supposed to only be neutral in their delivery? Are they being neutral? Are they going for what's popular? Or what's right? Well?

Well, they aren't now anyway, so why don't they try to direct their information in the right direction and consider not so much the corporations, but rather, those tend to own them, you know, us, the people, without which I might add, they would not exist to begin with.

Why, should patriotism come to mean things like blind support for failed leaders? What? Yeah, I know....

Media employees need to watch this, with heartfelt appreciation for what Mr. Moyers says in this speech:

People, you and me, need to listen to this. To talk about it, think about it, and really wonder what is going on.

Why do I ask when the media is going to start policing their own methods and content, to give Humanity a better world? Because, its that kind of thought that needs to take over public thought. Not that its foolish to ever think those out to make money will never consider such things, rather that the general consensus of humankind needs to turn the tide and change how they thing. "Who really wags the system and how?" as Mr. Moyers put it.

"We have reached the stage when the poobahs of punditry have only to declare that the world is flat, for everyone to agree it is, without going to the edge and looking over themselves." he said.

I think its possible to think for ourselves. I think we need to protect the internet. Did you know that at one time, radio was the great hope, the classroom of the air? But look what our government did, the deals they made to lead to what we ended up with. Then it was TV. Slam, another down. Then the media. Slam, another down to the corporations. Now, we have a new form of international, public, free and open discourse. The Internet. We can't allow this to go slam, down with all the others.

I believe we need to bring back public television. I think we should have half our channels as public TV. Commercial TV needs competition, but not from their own, from those with our best interests in mind. We should have more access, not less; not more control, but more intelligent availability. The cell phone cameras, then blogs, the availability of our citizenry one to another is a powerful force. We need to maintain that freedom and be vigilant that it never goes away.

We need to start expecting more for our money, if you will. We need to expect more from our public institutions, government, media, religion.

Don't just ignore it. Pay attention. Not with money, not with filthy lucre, but with pure and unadulterated good intention.

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