Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bride trafficking

I just watched "Bride Trafficking Unveiled" on CRNT (Current) channel from
Irish Journalist, Laura Barry. She decided to check into the whole mail order bride thing and found some scary situations.

What the hell?

I always was wary of the mail order bride industry. But for the wrong reasons it would seem. There are too many women moving across the world to end up with guys who are not what they seem.

We are all familiar with the whole paradigm on the internet of what you get is not what you see. But there are many women from cultures unfamiliar with the Internet, or ignorant of how it "really" works.

Some of these women said they liked Western men because they like to hold hands, play with the children, be honest, never go out on their wives or girlfriends, and more such nonsense. This says something about the Asian men they have available to them. And I've heard this from Asian women I know myself, who were born in Asia and moved here. And from women still living in those countries. Asian men, don't have a great rep., especially the ones living in Asia now, and I get the feeling they've earned it.

Mail order brides are typically portrayed as money grubbing, golddigging, in some cases even criminal types. There have also be cases of men being ripped off, in the past and present, and organizations run by the Russian Mafia or criminal organizations. But much of this industry has become legitimized. There are "legit" groups serving the public now. You can actually find a spouse.

Many of these women come from areas in the world that even living an unhappy life with any Western guy, is better than where she was, and if she can send money back to her family, should couldn't be happier. But face it, no one can live unhappy like that for long in a culture where others are living happier. But sooner or later, if you abuse someone, they're leaving. Except in the reported cases of women being murdered. This too happens.

Still, remember, you too have to sleep at night. The kitchen is right over there and the knives are sharp. If you notice she is sharpening the knives all the time, you might want to rethink how you are treating her.

It seems that the table has turned and now its the women who are mostly being abused. Some women do rip their new husbands off, and some do end up happily married. Same with normal marriages. But think about it. How many guys do you think are out there who are unattractive and have no marriage options. And for good reason. Probably a lot. Do you think they'd be attracted to a mail order bride situation? Hmm....Maybe?

Its not so much that the men have to be aware of the women they are dealing with, but that the women need to be aware of what they are getting into. Some of the agencies do background checks on their women, but they have no capacity or resources to do these important checks on the men.

Excuse me?

There is no question that there is a huge problem right there. SO, that's about all I have to say at this point.
Other than check out the documentary.
Its pretty enlightening.

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