Monday, July 19, 2010

Come on America! Really? Obama rating lower?

I'm hearing all weekend that Obama's polls are down, that his approval rating is down. Its the same as was Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton at this stage, so maybe it means nothing, except for the upcoming elections where the Democrats may have a problem.

But! What are you alternatives? Did you forget already forget the horrors that were the Bush (Republican) administration? I'm actually not as afraid of the Republican Party as I am of Bush but that also means, those who he adhered to, those who put him in power and his voting public. What's that, you say you "refudiate" what I'm claiming?

A little perspective....

When Bush Senior was Vice President, I didn't know what to think, but then he ran for President. I looked into him at that point. He was head of the CIA. At that point, I thought it would be good for someone who probably knew more than the President about what was going on in the world. Let's face it, probably NO one knows what's going on better than the head of the CIA (unless they are head of the NSA). Besides, I really wasn't too sure about Michael Dukakis who was running against him.

Then Clinton got in as president and I was impressed with his work. I also thought that the Republicans were too, and thus, so much crap came up about her personal life in trying to discredit him. Smoke and mirrors for what was really going on? Don't do something but make the guy doing well look bad? Make others look bad when you can't look good? Whatever.

Then Bush Jr came to Power. I didn't know what to say then. Other than, in my best SNL voice, "Really America? Really?" You voted in Bush Jr? What, did you think his dad did so well that you voted him in only once, so you'll vote in the imbecile that was his least favorite son? Oh come on. But, OK. Whatever.

Then 9/11 happened and I said again, "Oh, crap." Someone has to do something. But what? Will it be appropriate? And in the end, something was done, and it made people feel good. But, should we go around doing things just to make the image of our American Eagle (Ego?) "feel" better? I would argue no. Not when someone may die over it.

I had felt that Bush Sr. screwed up (like in WWII when we were ordered to stop at Berlin, rather than kick the Soviets out (look at what that decision did in the long run, it lead to a global nuclear arms race). Bush Sr. should have taken Saddam out when he had the chance in the late 1980s. But I thought, since he did what he did anyway, maybe he knows something I don't. Always the President's card in the hole.

Then Bush Jr cleaned up what Dad failed to do, but now, for the wrong reasons. That boy is just confused. How many new terrorists did we spawn through that war. I'm not saying Iraq didn't need freedom from a bully and a thug, even if he could keep the infrastructure running. I'm saying let's do things for the right reasons. In reality, by the way, Saddam did more harm than good for Iraq in that the national companies and even not national ones, without their Government's financial stipends, couldn't exist or survive on their own after the post 9/11 initial war was over.

I thought, maybe now people will see what's going on with Bush Jr. But no. America (who is this America because I don't know any of them), voted the hot mess that Bush Jr was and is, back into office for a second term! REALLLLYYY??!!! At that point, I threw up my hands and said, well, America, now you get what you deserve. Because, I thought the first term, could be a mistak, no one really knew how he'd be, etc.

But you know, fool me one, shame on me, fool me twice, well, I'm just a damn idiot at that point and deserve any smacking around that I get. If fact, we should set up a booth for people who didn't vote for him, or especially for those he didn't vote for him the second time, to get free whacks on all those people that voted for him a second time. Plus, they should lose their voting rights, until they ready a damn book or actually look into what is going on in the world around them before they are allowed to vote.

Its nice everyone has the vote. But originally only landed gentry (land owners) had the right to vote. Probably because they were the more highly educated and logical back then. Let's face it, you have to have a grain of logic to grow food. But now, just about anyone can vote for whoever, using whatever alien form of logic is available to them in their tiny minds.

Before I close, I'd like to mention Barak Obama's appeal to foreigners. Martin Wolf, of UK's Financial Times, said that "without a slightest doubt", if Obama were to run for a British election, he would win. Polly Toynbee, a columnist for the UK's Guardian newspaper since 1998 said the far ends of political parties always tend to feel that even with their own ranks, nothing is ever enough, no one ever seems to be good enough.

Getting back to Obama. On the next election. Are you really... going to vote... for a Republican? Do you really think they will come up with a better candidate (Palin?)? Do you really, think Obama is worse now, than Bush was for eight years?!

Really, America?

Tomorrow morning: "Every have one of those days?"

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