Monday, July 5, 2010

Just what is, well armed? Post 4th of July edition

For years now, I have had an ongoing argument, a discussion really, with a friend. The argument goes something like this:

"One should always have a weapon at hand in order to be ready for the unexpected."

I think he fears an attack coming on him when he least expects one. Perhaps sometime when he is out and about on the street, or when someone might accost him when he is relaxing in his home and he will suddenly find himself at a loss as to how to protect himself.

Valid concerns, all, because things like that do happen. People do get attacked at the most unexpected and inconvenient of times. After all, criminals lay in wait for those unsuspecting moments to happen. Or they do their best to create moments like that. I really don't think, generally speaking, that he is simply afraid of being attacked. I think the relevant issue with him here is in experiencing an attack and being unprepared for it. A big difference.

And that is where my argument in all this came in. When I said that his was certainly a valid concern, but for all that, it was really useful only "in a perfect world" scenario.

And this is where it is relevant to all people, everywhere. Although I said it is indeed a true statement, there are however a few facts that seem to preclude this reasonable seeming assumption, from being all that useful, in this all too real world. That is to say, in this all too realistic world.

You see, typically in the "real world", whenever you will need that weapon to actually be at hand, it will then all too typically simply not be there and available to you. Mostly, this will be because, either:

1) you simply forgot it at home (or somewhere)
2) you lost it (somewhere)
3) you recently had it taken away from you (most probably by the assailant in question during that unexpected moment), or,
4) you will find that you are more than one inch away from being able to actually access it (in time, and to be of any actual use), or,
5) you will find that you have fallen into the single most annoying thing that the ubiquitous "Mr Murphy" of Murphy's Law fame, ever does to us. Which is to have set you up so that you find, and at a time far too late in the moment to be able to do anything about it, that you have brought "a knife to a gun fight".

Now it may not be an actual knife that you brought; you may have even brought a gun with you. Yet in such a case, though it may even be a hefty .40 caliber Beretta automatic (and it could even be a fully automatic version), or a .45 model 1911, you will inevitably find that the assailant has one up'd you and brought a Mac10; or some similar type of sub-machine gun such as a full rifle-caliber machine gun; or worse, a 12 gauge pump action (or again, automatic) shotgun (and preferably not a sawed off one to boot).

My point in all this is merely to point out the value of learning "weaponless techniques" before falling into the mindset of feeling safe because you have a weapon and all this, prior to needing said weapon. Because anyone that has a weapon, had better not only know how to use it, but had better also know how NOT to use it. That is to say, how to use it when its NOT handy, how to not use it if you don't need it, how to use your mind if you don't have it, and how to not need to use it, when you do have it.

The positive issues here are, of course, that you can use it if need be, to save the day, to protect yourself, friends and loved ones and hopefully all will be well in the world.

So what are the negative issues to always having a weapon handy? about it breeding paranoia? Ever have a dream where you are attacked, protect yourself and have to fire a gun and the bullets slowing shoot out about a foot and drop to the ground? I've talked with several law enforcement and special forces types, most of whom said that most people who live by the gun, have had that exact same dream.

Being perceived as a paranoiac is just another byproduct of the "have to have a weapon" mentality. But the most relevant issue is that you will simply get to depend upon it too much.

What are the positive issues to what I've suggested? Well, how about, you're ALWAYS prepared? At least, you're never not prepared because you are lacking your weapon. Even in a shower, when naked, you can be ready, with no weapon at hand. No traditional one anyway.

That method means that you basically always have a weapon with you. What? How about a bar of soap? Sounds stupid, but you'd be surprised what can be used effectively as a weapon. How about a plastic back scrubber in the shower? Not the least of which would be that which you were born with: your hands, your body, your teeth, and most importantly your brain. Then there is always the rolled up magazine.

Not to mention, every item in near reach of you can be an available and viable weapon; even some out of reach items can be helpful, depending upon how you handle things. IF you train for it, build the mindset for it, and do not depend only upon a firearm or knife or some such traditional weaponry, you will be far ahead of the game. Yes, you can kill with your mind. In more ways than one.

Then, should you ever find that you were actually at a point to really HAVE a weapon while you were being attacked (of course, having by then also learned how and when to use said weapon), THEN you would be doing quite well, because you could use that weapon to your advantage and protection.

AND you would (could, should) know how to use proper techniques against it should it get taken from and turned against, you; as well as be able to use your hands, body, mind and environment to your advantage, should the need and situation ever arise and dictate it.

Just something to consider.
Don't you think?

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