Monday, November 1, 2010

Zach Galifianakis - fallout from smoking pot on Bill Maher's Real Time HBO show

After Zach's portrayal of a pot smoker on Bill Maher's Real Time HBO show, using real pot, I wondered if there would be repercussions.

Since the airwaves and in this case, the cable lines, are governed by the FCC, that makes it a Federal consideration and as the Marijuana laws are most importantly Federal in prohibiting it,will there be repercussions some time this week?

At first only pro-Pot web sites commented. So I waited for Monday. Now we are seeing the more mainstream periodicals picking up the event. Mostly, they aren't saying anything about it. I can find no comment anywhere about any legal repercussions. Which I'm pleased about. I'm all for civil disobedience, in making a statement. Sometimes, its even necessary. Personally, I don't even see what the big deal is about this. Legalize it.

When I consider the numbers of people, mostly minority, who have spent fifteen years in prison for holding, or smoking a cannabis cigarette, I'm horrified. When considering what has happened to them in jail. Considering how much that has cost us, with housing these people, seeking them out with law enforcement, legal fees, court costs, on and on and we really, really, have other more important things to deal with.

Like people out of work. The infrastructure, roads, the Internet, schools, all deteriorating and needing to be fixed up. I have no clue why we are wasting time with cannabis laws. Let's be done with it, remove the club from the criminals hands. Protect the American pot smoker who has no idea what crap they are taking into their lungs, who are by definition, having to purchase it from criminals and who can be good, upstanding, God fearing (their problem not mine) people who can suddenly find themselves in prison, their lives ruined, becoming another burden upon our society, all because they smoked some pot?


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