Friday, November 12, 2010

Global Warming, does it matter?

Why does it matter, if global warming is real or not?

There are always big arguments when this topic comes up, is it real, is it false, is it a conspiracy, what is it?

Who Cares? I'll say it again: WHO CARES!?

Isn't it just, a good idea, that we make... (wait for it) the planet, Cleaner?!

Isn't that better, for EVERY one? Not to mention, it creates jobs? Don't we need more jobs right now? Don't we need more spending in the economies of the world?

So, what is the argument? Maybe I should say, IS there an argument that actually shoots down working on cleaning up the planet?

And if you think we shouldn't clean up the planet, clean up how we dump waste, what the hell does your own house look like? Is it a pig sty? Or is it clean?

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