Friday, November 26, 2010

Cannabis illegality

After just watching the Vanguard produced documentary "Marijuana Wars" on the Mexican drug Cartels about Cannabis, I have been left with one jarring question....

Why hasn't it been legalized in the US yet?

Who is it, that is fighting against this in our government? What do they have to gain?

Because I'm beginning to think that legalizing it really is the only way to go. Mexico is in main part, under siege by the drug cartels selling illegal drugs to the US. We need to take away the only one we can, from them, and that is, cannabis.Its their main product. Cut them off at the knees.

It would make so much sense, to take this away from those criminals, those serial murderers, those, kidnappers, family hostage takes; and, for that reason alone, one really has to wonder, what is holding us back from making it legal so that no criminals can make money off of production and sales of an illegal weed that is not synthesized in any way in order for it to be effective for recreational or medicinal purposes. It is the only illegal drug that I know of, that Doctors prescribe to patients. Doesn't THAT tell you something?

Stop looking at the smaller picture. Stop looking at the TV version of life, and start looking at the Big Screen version. All these tiny fears, do not add up against the big picture. Stop having petty concerns and start having big concerns.

Think about it. Vote on it. Do something. Because inaction, is an action and a decision. Because by doing nothing, aren't you actually siding with the drug cartels, the murderers?


  1. I agree with you completely on this, Make it legal now. As for who is against legalizing it I would venture to guess the Liquor, Beer and Wine Manufacturers. Give America something that would be relatively inexpensive and safer to use than Alcohol and the Alcohol business would be shattered. As for me I would rather be hit by someone doing 7 miles an hour than an alcoholic doing 70.