Monday, November 22, 2010

Enter, the new Murdock Book Store

I have been trying over the years, to find a way to put some of my works online, rather than go through a store like Amazon. I am already on Amazon, through a publisher, but I'm also looking to put some special pieces online that would be educational, informational, or simply entertaining and interesting.

To that effort I have created the Murdock Book Store.

What started this, was reading a book, "Secrets of a Freelance Writer" by Robert Bly. In it, he talks about informational pamphlets that I found rather interesting; basically, "How to" leaflets. That got me to thinking, and then I thought about other pieces I could put online.

The results of that, was that I spent all day yesterday and some today, looking to see if technology had advanced enough for me to fluidly set up a transaction site. I have tried this in the past and thrown up my hands in frustration, for one reason or another, either glitchy software, or pricing removing any chance of doing this. But now, on my web site host iPage, I found a seamless solution I have put into play. So, I have been working on this new site to make available, purchasable works with no middle agency involved.

And so, I now have pages devoted to Short stories, non-Fiction articles, (and soon to come) informational Guides and Pamphlets (and some of those should be quite interesting, if things go well, and in areas, you may never have seen a pamphlet talk about before); as well as a page devoted to those sites where I did go through a publisher. Currently there are only links to The Undead Nation Anthology (Zilyon Publishing), but hopefully others will follow quickly; I do now have my own book anthology at Knight Romance Publishing.

Currently online at the store, is "Marking Time". This is a story I wrote long ago, based upon a true story that I was told by a fellow search and rescue person, while we were up in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State on practice maneuvers with the elite "Wing Team" of the Civil Air Patrol organization, a group that has been around since civilian pilots during WWII were patrolling the coasts of the Western US for signs of enemy actions against us.

This short story was rewritten to be included with my anthology that is now at the publisher. Were you to read both stories, you would most certainly recognize their roots, but the new story is quite different and takes place in a far more relevant and modern setting in the Middle East. Should you ever buy the anthology when it comes out, this would make for an interesting addendum. This story is $1.

Also within the store under the non-Fiction area, are a couple of papers, one on Synesthesia (the cross-modal translation of sensory input; where you can "see" sounds, "hear" colors, etc.); and one on the Field Theory and the need for contextualism in Psychology. These are each $5.

At this time, it is not feasible to set up automatic downloads, but once I receive notice that a payment has been sent and verified, I will email the pdf file to the purchaser. If this works well, then I will be able to afford the costs of setting up an automatic download and begin to possibly offer more works than my own. And we'll see how it goes from there.

I will try hard to make this a useful, entertaining, informational, and where possible, educational, tool.
Even if you decide not to purchase, feel free to let me know your thoughts on how to make this a better service for you all.

And, Thanks!

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