Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't try. Just get toned, lose weight, have fun

How to not be fat. Here's what has worked for me. The following is based on the Kinetix plan, something they started pushing in my day job and I tried it and it worked for me. I got off it for a while and now I'm getting back into it with high hopes as its worked before. This time, I'm sticking with it!

Some general rules to follow to get there. Obvious, use an authoritative guideline. But if you are lazy, some obvious things can help right off. You have to adjust according to your specific situation (gender, weight, how in shape you are, age, etc.).

-Food and Eating

First, adjust your diet. Some of that, is obvious. Lower carbs. Not higher protein, but appropriate proteins. Fats, lower than your carbs and proteins. Less than half of your protein from fats. These things are all on just about any food label and are easy to check. Four to six ounces of protein per meal. Eat an appropriate snack between meals to keep from getting hungry and staying out of starvation mode.


I have found that if you are overweight, well, what do you do? You loosen your belt, don't you? You put on your "fat" pants (or whatever). If you put on a shirt that makes it obvious you are out of shape, you feel uncomfortable. So what do you do? You get...comfortable. Yes? Well, guess what? Don't. As long as you don't make yourself look bad (why should we have to suffer after all, its YOUR problem), if you really want to lose weight (and you do need to keep up your self esteem), get motivated.

But you also have to keep reminding yourself, every second of every day, never forgetting that your goal is to get into shape! Hopefully, getting into shape again (hoping you at least HAVE been there before at some point; birth, if nothing else).

I mean, take a break ONCE in a while, put on a pair of sweatpants at 9 o'clock at night, when you're tired and you worked out that day. Reward yourself, but don't, forget about it. If, every time you get up, sit down, get in or out of the car, you feel the extra weight, guess what? You're going to be more motivated to DO SOME thing about it. Get mad, get motivated, get to it!

People especially have this problem if they live where there is a lot of incliment weather, like not in Southern California, or Florida, or Bahama, Jamaica, Tahiti. Ever notice people seem to be heavier in colder climates?

Okay, except for Sweden. Or Finland. Well, or any Scandinavian country. But other than that. Yes, I think maybe I'm right. Or not. But it doesn't matter. What does matter, is you pay attention. Don't forget, you have to be, stay, and work at, being healthy. Okay?

If you have to wear lots of clothes, you just stop noticing you have a body underneath. That's, a killer. When you wear a bikini or shorts and a "T" all day, you don't want to look bad, get overweight, because, your body is then PART of your clothing look. Get it?


Don't work out to gain muscle when starting
Work out to get toned first
Then worry about building muscle

If it hurts stop, or don't work out so hard.
Increase to the next level as soon as you can,
typically in about a week.

It shouldn't be more than a week on each level anyway.
At that point, work out longer, or use slightly heavier weights,
or change around what exercises you are doing.

Mostly, don't overdo it. Have fun with it.
You don't even have to work out that much each day.
And you can feel you are doing something, and you are.
That eliminates the guilt, of NOT working out. And the working out
part isn't that hard, and it does achieve results.

Once you get into shape a little bit, then if you make a mistake
and work out too hard, too long, and damage yourself a little, you
will come back far faster than if this happened as you are just beginning.

So, hang in there. Keep it up. Educate yourself, its YOUR body.
You'll notice the results, but don't give up!

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