Tuesday, November 30, 2010

North Korea: A Retarded, Violent child in China's household

Why, are things going so wrong in the East Asian region? One name:

Kim Jong Il. Could there be a more appropriate name, even if it is spelled incorrectly (typical). I mean, ill, is spelled with two l's, after all. And he (and his family) have been pretty ill on the international and their own, national, stage, for a very long time now. Okay, a cheap shot, picking on a name foreign to me, but its too obvious not to mention.

Let's recap:

"On 8 July 1994, [the patently crazy] Kim Il-sung died, at the age of 82 from a heart attack. However, it took three years for Kim Jong-il to consolidate his power. Officially, Kim is part of a triumvirate heading the executive branch of the North Korean government along with Premier Choe Yong-rim and parliament chairman Kim Yong-nam (no relations). Each nominally has powers equivalent to a third of a president's powers in most other presidential systems. Kim Jong-il is commander of the armed forces, Choe Yong-rim heads the government and Kim Yong-nam handles foreign relations. In practice, however, Kim Jong-il exercises absolute control over the government and the country." - Wikipedia

So they get a chance to wipe out his legacy and what do they do? Try to make him some kind of God, the ongoing "ghost" president of a country that couldn't need more, a rational and life affirming leader. Jong-il was appointed as its Supreme Commander; even though he's DEAD. This is a people, or at least a leadership, that couldn't seem to care less for their people, or Human life for that matter, at least in what we've been seeing. I know, if MY people were dying of starvation, I'd do SOME thing to save their lives, even if I didn't like it.

I remember when Jong-Il took over. He was reticent, running away from things, fearful of his position and slow to take control. I remember thinking that maybe this is the end of this broken and disgusting government in North Korea and perhaps, finally, the North Korean people could join the world and have a decent and pleasurable life style, with plenty of food, living situations and well, fun. My heart really goes out to the North Korean people and their relatives who have not seen them in so long and have had to bare knowledge and information of how their family members have, or may have died, of starvation or abuse.

Why is he doing the things he's doing? To prepare the way for his twenty-seven year old son, Kim Jong-un, to take control of the regime? Sure. To destabilize that region? Apparently. The actions taken of late have been focused only on the aim to prepare the way for a son he has to know, is ill prepared, just has he was when his father, the late leader and current president of the country, when he turned the despotic and fascistic, dictatorship over to Kim Jong Il; just as Il is about to do to his son, . Its like passing the ruling stick from one retarded and mentally unbalanced adolescent to another.

Historically, Kim Jong Il has lied, gone diametrically against things he himself has claimed, as well as turned against things he has agreed to. In fact, he has been predictable only in that he is unpredictable.

So, why hasn't China, who supplies fuel and resources to this screwed up, and semi (or possibly pseudo) insane regime, why, haven't they done something about Kim Jong Il and the path that North Korea is on to?

I have a theory as to why.

I think that China is like the parent, who is afraid to punish or reign in a poorly behaving child, because they are scared of them. They know, they can stomp on this "kid", put them down, take them out back and put a bullet in their head, ending their childish demands and misbehaviors. North Korean government, the Kim Jong family in particular, are like a child you feel responsible for, but are afraid that in the middle of the night, they may sneak in and slit your throat. Kill your other children, and stab your wife to death, before you can even wake to stop them.

For decades, the US has been afraid of China. Nothing like we were afraid of the Soviet Union, but still, any country that can muster a force of one million soldiers, however ill prepared or ill armed, is a force to be reckoned with. And now, with the Soviet Union dissolved, and both country's interested in capitalism, and in being a part of, and having a say in, world politics, the US is no long quite so concerned with these communist fashioned countries. I'm not even sure that Russia is communist any longer and certainly, China is now either becoming capitalist, or they have found a new meaning of communism. About time.

China, in reality, has been our financial compatriot for decades. I'm not sure I'd say now that they are our friend, but perhaps in many ways they are. So is South Korea, much more so, and perhaps that is in part why China is our friend. But like all friends, we have something between us; our economy of late, and Taiwan. But all friends do not agree on all things, so perhaps that is okay. I have always had a deep respect for China and their history. One of the few countries in the world who, when taken over by another country, had the attitude of, "we are not concerned, as we will out last you."

But now, they have a retarded child who is armed, living in their house, or at least, in their yard. And it would have to be chilling, to any parent to have to wonder, "when, will my child try to kill me, harm me, or my family?" How China could have allowed North Korea to kill so many of its own people, I will never understand. If ever there was a reason to invade another country on your borders, this was it. China has a lot of blood on their hands in North Korea, and no excuse is good enough to stop those ghosts from crossing their borders, to haunt the Chinese leaders in their sleep and weak moments.

But sometimes, you have to take that unbalanced, if not insane, child, and punish them, or take away their toys, or power. Sure, it can hurt, but who else is going to do it, after all.

I mean, in the end, it IS your child, isn't it?

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