Monday, November 8, 2010

Undead Nation Anthology Authors meet with soon to be Breast Cancer Survivor

Our Heroes today find themselves making the acquaintance of a new Heroine, Nikki Mackey. They met her at the recent fun Halloween weekend long event, ZomBcon and decided to meet up again, later.

Several of the local Authors of, The Undead Nation Anthology (please feel free to purchase a copy, as it really is for a great cause, also available in downloadable form), Ryan Clarke, Alan Gandy, and Joseph Cedeno got to hang out with Nikki on Saturday and they said Nikki is one of the coolest horror chicks ever!

Our intrepid Authors gave her a signed copy of The Undead Nation Anthology, which all eleven of the Authors donated their stories to so that all of the horror book proceeds could be fully dedicated to fighting Breast Cancer.
Pictured: Alan Gandy, Nikki, Ryan Clarke and Joseph Cedeno.

Nikki has just started her fight against breast cancer and we wish her all the best. With her personality and attitude that lady can accomplish anything and overcome any obstacles that would come her way.

I was also supposed to be there for the meet, but at nearly the last minute I was called away (that's the problem with having to have a day job) and I was sadly, unable to attend. As you may already know, my own sister had to fight this some years ago and was very successful, having been free of it for years now. The degree to which women successfully win over this condition, compaired to not even that many years ago, is amazing.

I really look forward to the day when we no longer have to battle this kind of condition at all, and hopefully one day soon, eradicate it completely. We're are all very hopeful Nikki will successfully overcome this challenge very soon. From what I hear she has a great attitude, which is always a key element in kicking this kind of thing.

Best of luck Nikki!

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