Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Western Stage's 'The Foreigner' Wacky Fun (Salinas, CA)

"The Western Stage production of Larry Shue's "The Foreigner" is two-plus hours of chuckles. A very inventive and off-the-wall farce, it contains all the elements of a classic construction of an audience-amusing and attention-holding comedy.

"In a sparkling presentation in the Hartnell Studio Theater, the play is unusual in that, with all the humor and oddball situations that the author cooks up, he also builds it to a very serious climax which, for a brief period, is actually scary and makes one wonder how he will resolve the dilemma he has created.

"It comes as an almost gripping surprise when it arises, but then it very satisfactorily and skillfully builds to a happy ending.

"The Foreigner" tells the story of two best friends from their years in Her Majesty's Service.

"There are the two villains who suddenly become electrifyingly prominent in the denouement of the plot. One is played by Mike Rainey, as the slithery and conniving Rev. David Marshall Lee, is a convincing, smooth and underhanded operator. His motives are dark as he tries to manipulate and soft-soaps his wealthy fiancee, Cathy Simms."

For the full article by NATHALIE PLOTKIN Herald Correspondent

Rounding out the 2010 season on stage now is The Foreigner in the Studio Theater from October 22 – Nov 14
Western Stage
411 Central Avenue
Salinas, CA 9390

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