Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kid Groups and Product Sales

Bare with me here. Scouts, sell things just like Girl Scouts. But I don't mind buying Girl Scout cookies, they are tasty, and the boxes sell for reasonable amounts. I like to help but I don't like feeling like I'm spending that much. And I'm speaking for a group of people here, not just myself and I'm just being honest. Especially, when you add up all your friends, or coworkers who come up and want you to buy whatever crap their kid is selling.

And yes, I tried to sell my kids' crap too, but honestly, I'd feel like a jerk, and I wouldn't doubt that other parents do too, after all it wasn't their decision, it was the Scouts Administrators that thought this sounded like a great idea. I'd love to know, who makes more money, the Scouts, or the Girl Scouts, with a product that was cheaper to buy in smaller units?

Anyway, why should I feel obligated? Because, in my case, they bought my kids' crap way back when. Hmmm....but here's a question, after your kid graduates, are you still responsible to buy their kids stuff? If you have two kids and they have five, well, how does that balance out?

I heard a request like this, for Scouting. I was as usual, happy to help out, until I saw the web site and price:

Kettle Corn
$34.96 goes back to local Scouting

Seriously? $50? How much are Girl Scout cookies? High too maybe, but at least in smaller amounts. Well, $35 does go back to Scouting. Right? But still, who asks for a donation of $35 bucks? And who gives it? If cute little girls in uniforms can't get it, how are people with cute little boys supposed to get it?

Family I suppose, as usual. But hey, I'm not family. And certainly I'm not rich. I still have kids too. And those that think that kids stop costing you money once they graduate High School, are insane, or fools, or crazy, or fools. Grown kids don't cost you as often is all; but when they do cost you, its always far more expensive than it used to be. After a while, you begin to do something you never ever thought you'd do. You begin to miss the K-12 days. Yechh....just shoot me.

Well, I thought about it, and it is charity, and you are getting something, so its not completely charity, is it. So that takes away any noble sentiment, we have to be coaxed to do something altruistic now a days. Not that it matters really, I guess. And I assume the popcorn does taste good. But like I need it, right? I mean, I've been trying to knock off a few pounds.But I suppose its good as Christmas gifts. Or the way commercialism is going, we'll somehow, for some reason, start giving Thanksgiving gifts at some point.

So in the end, as" money wise" how things are kind of tight lately, well no, I didn't buy any.

Still and all, I am craving Kettle Corn now.

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