Friday, November 19, 2010

Health Insurance companies surprised they are doing better than they thought?

Are health insurance companies doing a little better than they thought they would? Yes, to some degree, they are. And something about it, sounds a little like the oil companies to me. Funny how things are so terrible, oil is in desperate situation, yet, Oil Companies are turning in record profits.

Awww, how nice for them.

Health Insurance companies are finding that they are doing well in one area in particular, that of people not going to the doctor's office anymore, as often as they used to. This is in part because of an active attempt on education on the part of the Health Insurers, but also because people simply can't afford a doctor visit and because in recent years, they have become "gunshy" at going, because of the expense out of pocket. Its brilliant how the insurers have come up with the plan to "educate" and how it has been able to cover over, how people are simply afraid now to go to the doctor because of how expensive it is.

I was in an insider meeting with a big health insurance company, just this week. They were saying they are losing money, but are cutting costs in different ways, like their programs, their computer and internet related costs and other things. But then they said, they are doing rather well, better than they thought, in certain areas. One, was in people not going to the doctor as often.

People are avoiding, going to the doctor. So the Health Insurance company, is saving money. Whoohooo!


Except for one thing. I can relate, myself. I don't want to go to the doctor lately. The past year or two, its been expensive. Its a bit scary. We can't handle any more high costs of health care. So, we don't go.

Is that a good idea? No!

Preventative care, saves us a huge amount of money. Its taken years, decade after decade, for industry to realize this. If we take care of ourselves, if we go to the doctor and get things taken care of BEFORE they become out of control, we save money.

So, eventually, the economy will get wrestled under control. It may even take a few more years. Or, longer. But, at some point, these people that are now avoiding the doctor, are going to HAVE to go to the doctor, or the hospital. And then, what they have missed by skipping the doctor now, by skipping preventative measures ahead of time, are going to cost us.

Its going to costs us in our pocketbooks, wallets, savings, and health.

So the next time, you think, "Hmmm, maybe I should go to the doctor."
No, don't just go. Use your head, think about it, ask family, call a Nurse.

But don't just, NOT go. Use your head. Some insurance companies offer free calls to a staff Nurse. Talk to them, they will tell you whether or not you should go, or not go. That alone, could save you money, or your life.

As always, if its an emergency, just call 911. If you are going to die, CALL SOMEONE, stop worry about the cost. I'd rather owe a lot and be alive, than die and be debt free.

But, if its reasonable that you need to see someone, then go.
It may, in the long run, save you a lot of money, or your life.

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