Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marijuana's prop 19 voted down, no pot for fun

California's Prop 19 for Cannabis recreational use has been voted down.

I'm so annoyed at the White House right now (Gil!) that I'm releasing my Noon blog, immediately....

First, let me say, this issue, is not just about pot. Its about many other things, too. It points to an inherent cancer in our government. Also, I admit I threw this together and was angry at the same time. Not a good combination for making a point, but it certainly allows for passion to seep through.

Strangely I'm not so much angry because Prop 19 went down, but because of a White Hose statement by a retrograde intelligence (and I'm offended using that term about this guy, even if used int he negative), the White House drug policy director, Gil Kerlikowske. I'm so offended that he thinks that we are really that stupid, as exemplified by his comments. As for Prop 19s failure?

The White House applauded this. I find that rather sad. With the attachments and the form of this bill.

Perhaps the White House should have said one more thing, some thing like this:

'We here at the White House, with President Obama's blessing, applaud Prop 19s failure, BECAUSE, it was not a good law, it needs a few things fixed in it; people need to not subvert it from its primary purpose: that of giving Americans back some of their freedom and choice, "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as stated in one of the most famous phrases in the United States Declaration of Independence (remember all that? That's okay, most of us are beginning to forget about it too), to help our economy, to decrease the numbers of those in prison who are not violent, and potentially victimless in their actions. It will happen, but it needs to happen properly. The White House is going to set up a commission to help each and every state to draft appropriate bills to make this happen. And we will apply pressure to see it through. This is only the first in many efforts to turn Americans' lives back over to them and for the US government to stop trying to be everyone's mom, when everyone has a different agenda and need to decide for the most part, for themselves.'

Wow, did that feel good, or what?

Okay, I'm dreaming. But wouldn't it be nice if out government went that way? Not just on pot. But on many things we have issue with. How nice would it be to have the government lead the way. Make life better for its citizens and not allow a vocal minority in every case drive the bus. Just because a few ignorant, paranoid, typically religious groups are afraid of their own shadows, is no reason to stop doing what is right. Listen to them, but then use intellect and move on.


Because the only arguments I'm hearing against it, sound oddly like the same arguments used against Prohibition of alcohol. And those sound strangely like fear mongering efforts. We need to do something to stop people going to jail for victimless crimes. And for crimes where they would not be criminals if pot were legalized. And if I hear one more time that someone with a disease or condition has gone to jail or court because of owning a substance that can alleviate their pain, I think I'm going to scream.

As for those who become addicted...addicted? To pot? But its not an addictive substance, its NOT a class 1 narcotic as the government has labeled it for decades. I'm happy to see that it is currently, although labeled a Schedule 1 restricted drug, is now also indicated as not a Narcotic. Doctors and scientists have argued for decades over having that one changed. It was completely delusional by the government until this was updated.

Schedule I drugs are a category of drugs not considered legitimate for medical use. Among the substances so classified by the Drug Enforcement Agency are mescaline [Peyote], lysergic acid diethylamide [LSD], heroin, and marijuana [cannabis]. Special licensing procedures must be followed to use these or other Schedule I substances.

Seriously, Cannabis and heroin should never be mentioned in the same sentence. And as I've said before, we need to stop calling it Marijuana because this was from an original scare monger by the US government just post prohibition when the FBI as looking for a new enemy and to find a way to feed all its ex alcohol oriented Special Agents.

Look, heroin is addictive, crack cocaine is addictive, meth is addictive. Those are in a completely different class from pot. People who have a problem outside of Cannabis use and need help, the pot, brings that out and shows what their issue is and its most likely not pot but some underlying issues. We need to address the violence creeping into the US from Mexico. Legalizing will stop that.

Growers are against commercialization. So were those who were illegally distilling alcohol during prohibition. Are these growers bad people? No, not from what we are seeing. But the obviously have a divested interest as big business will crush them. Will they? What about local micro breweries? They have local followings and are doing well. I will not drink Budweiser beer, which I drank when I was young, dumb and well, dumb. Now I much greatly prefer imports, or better, our local micros, such as Hood Canal Brewery, or many other smaller operations. Why? Because they ARE local. But also because they taste great.

I lost a little respect for the White House today, with their announcement applauding the failure of Prop19. I think it may have had some attachments making this version of legalization, not so great and maybe it should have failed. But in failure, there may have come success.

All that being said (article from):

Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, shares the same view: “Prop. 19 has elevated and legitimized the discourse around marijuana policy like nothing ever before.” Nadelmann adds, “This is the first time major elected officials and labor unions and civil rights organizations have endorsed a marijuana legalization measure. The debate is less about whether to legalize marijuana and increasingly about how to legalize marijuana.

Notwithstanding the defeat of Prop 19, advocates of a similar proposal in Colorado are now preparing for their own shot in 2012, the Denver Westword reported. These advocates even created a website, Laura Kriho, of the Cannabis Therapy Institute, the organization behind the website, said that one of the reasons they are starting out early is because of their patients. “They are in the process of getting restricted out of being able to get their medicine in a reasonable fashion,” Kriho said.

Here are pieces of a couple of articles today:


"California voters snuffed out Proposition 19 which would have legalized recreational marijuana cultivation, according to ABC News projections, but backers said they would try again to legalize pot in 2012.

"The White House drug policy director Gil Kerlikowske applauded the vote today:

"The Obama Administration has been clear in its opposition to marijuana legalization because research shows that marijuana use is associated with voluntary treatment admissions for addiction, fatal drugged driving accidents, mental illness, and emergency room admissions," Kerlikowske said" 

I'm officially calling for Gil Kerlikowske to be fired. Why? This guy is a moron and letting President Obama look like a fool. So, Gil, STOP THAT!

I don't doubt what Gil says may be true. But think! Doesn't it sound like ludicrous fear mongering at its best? It only takes ONE person to voluntarily admit themself for treatment, one to drive off the road and typically stats show, alcohol was also involved in driving accidents. Mental illness? I'm not even going to deal with that, its just stupid. Cannabis does NOT cause mental iillness. That is just offensive. Emergency room admissions? Come on. This guy is in the White House? Someone should be fired. I could come up with a better made up argument to release to the public if I was stone, hung over, no sleep in three days and my dog just died.

Take cocaine, heroin, which cannabis is scheduled along, include alcohol, which is legal, and compare those statistics. Here is cannabis along the bottom of the chart, there are the rest, along the top of the chart; there is no comparison. Come on, how stupid does Gil think Americans are? Well, obviously, pretty damn dumb. 

And MENTAL ILLNESS? Really?! Oh my God. Gil...PLEASE!


"Police in a northern California town thought they had an open-and-shut case when they seized more than two pounds of marijuana from a couple's home, even though doctors authorized the pair to use pot for medical purposes.

"San Francisco police thought the same with a father and son team they suspected of abusing the state's medical marijuana law by allegedly operating an illegal trafficking operation.

"But both cases were tossed out along with many other marijuana possession cases in recent weeks because of a California Supreme Court ruling that has police, prosecutors and defense attorneys scrambling to make sense of a gray legal area: What is the maximum amount of cannabis a medical marijuana patient can possess?

"No one can say for sure how many dismissals and acquittals have been prompted by the ruling, but the numbers are stacking up since the Supreme Court on Jan. 21 tossed out Patrick Kelly's marijuana possession conviction.

"Gray is not a good color for the law," said Shasta County District Attorney Gerald Benito, who dismissed a case earlier this month and is considering dropping several more because of the ruling. "It makes it very difficult for us to enforce the law — I think everyone is crying out for a clear line."

"Benito cited the Supreme Court ruling in dropping charges on March 5 against James Bradley Hall, who was arrested in October and charged with growing 40 marijuana plants.

"The next week, a San Francisco jury acquitted a father and son charged with growing three dozen plants. The lawyers for Thomas Chang, 62, and his son, Errol Chang, 30, based their defense on the Kelly case, arguing that the men needed that much pot to treat their medical conditions."

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