Monday, November 8, 2010

Terrorist ("Al-Qaida") comedy! Really? Finally!

'Four Lions': a movie joking at Al-Qaida

So we're at the point now, that we're laughing at Terrorists? Thank God and about time!
I'm dying to see this film.

"British comedian Chris Morris knows he's bound to offend people with his feature-film debut, Four Lions. It's a biting satire that follows the members of an Islamic terrorist cell in Britain, makers of mayhem who possess all the cunning of the Three Stooges.

"Morris, who directed and co-wrote the film, has been repeatedly approached by critics who claim that a slapstick comedy about terrorism just isn't funny — and, by the way, that they resented Morris for making them laugh at it." - from NPR

So, now people, pay attention, as dangerous, terrifying, sad and pathetic terrorism is, it has now degenerated into slapstick comedy and the real terrorists in their glossy rag Insight", has fallen to calling for their foolish followers to tie knives to trucks and attack crowds of people. Wow. This is in a way a very good sign.

From the movie (terrorists with British accents):

Terrorist 1: We got a target bro.

Omar: What is it?

Terrorist 1: Its the Mosque.

Omar: What?

Terrorist 1: Yeah! Bomb the Mosque! Radicalize the moderates, bring it all on!

Omar: Wait a minute. You don't bomb the mosque.

Terrorist 1: You don't get it do you Omar!? We radicalize the moderates, the Imam rises up here, it all kicks off!

Omar: I do get it, I'll tell you what its like. its like you get in a fight with someone, and they're punching you in the face, right? And so what you go and do is, you punch your SELF in the face!

Writer/Directory, Chris Morris says, this dialog was taken direct from actual MI-5 survellience.

I am so looking forward to this one, I am!

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