Monday, October 11, 2010

The U.S. Bi-Partisan Anti Everything Platform

I'm sick to death of all this "anti-everything" anymore. I mean really, so:

  • Gays are bad?
  • Gay marriage is bad?
  • Cannabis is bad?
  • Muslims are bad?
  • Anti-Christians are bad (well I could see this being bad as they are anti but this is a misconception typically on most Christians that people are persecuting them, they are delusional as persecution isn't happening, because if it were, you'd KNOW IT!)?
  • Atheism is bad?
  • Evolution is bad?
I mean really, what the Hell?!

If this is America, how about people just mind their own business a bit (a LOT) more and simply let people seek the pursuit of happiness guaranteed in the bill of rights, in a safe environment; and stop being such a bunch of weak egos.

It seems like... everyone is just trying to maintain their own status quo. If we want our own freedom, then we have to manage, ot put up with, or hey, I don't know, just accept others' for who they are. That is a huge problem in marriage today, that one partner cannot accept who their partner in life is, so maybe I shouldn't expect the general population to get along when people can't even get along with those individuals whom they have chosen as life mates.

When, did fear become the main element in American society?

And this has NOTHING to do with 9/11, as this was going on long before that.

Why don't people see that this all looks so much like the terrorists' attitudes about their not wanting things to change, to the point of actually killing people to get their way in maintaining a status quo that died (and should have died), millennia ago?

How is it, the world is this old now, and we're still acting like a bunch of kids on a playground with poor social skills?

Good grief! Come on, America! Get it together!

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