Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is Al-Qaeda coming back after being castrated?

The word is, Al-Qaeda is coming back. First, aren't terrorists by definition, cowards in that they strike where you aren't looking? Picking typically on innocents that can't even fight back, don't know its coming, or are basically harmless? I know that Bill Mahr, a favorite of mine, said they aren't cowards in slamming a jet into a building, but in many ways, I think they could be defined in that way. But that is not why we are here today....

We just need to make it stop, to stop them, stop it. So, let's make them seem Gay (Sorry Gays, this is to mess with their heads, not yours, they should be so lucky to relax and be open about who they REALLY are, yes?) to their potential advocates (or whatever they find most scary, disgusting or abhorrent).

Make them seem untrustworthy to their own.

Media campaigns. Commercials. Put the word out on the street:

"Spread the word, my friend is gay and just had sex with another Al-Qaeda member. Of course, I killed him, but he said about the member's member, God they are great!"
[again, this is nothing against Gays. Its all a about their own fears and personal horrors wherein this is truly relevant.]
"I was just ripped off by an Al-Qaeda member, he cheated at cards, never trust those guys."
"An Al-Qaeda member just raped my mother. And his friend, looked at my sister's bare face. They are horrible people! Death to Al-Qaeda!"

Whatever it takes to discredit them. Spread disinformation. Get with the Russian FSB, the children of the notorious KGB. They invented disinformation after all. Break their backs, bring Al-Qaeda to their knees. All the better to position them for their most humble and desirous, uh, desires.

This is what I don't understand: Disinformation. Clever, irrefutable, incessant. Break them by word of mouth. Set up fake situations for people to see and spread the word themselves through the streets, on web sites, via cell phone text messages. Why are we spending so much on bullets when other methods are also effective in the long term?

But, do not do what the Egyptians did years ago when they first captured these people. Locking them together in jails for years to teach one another. Then torture them repeatedly. Have them raped by dogs (no really, they did that, the Egyptian jailers bragged about it to reporters), humiliate them, humiliated their religion. I may think religion in general is a primitive issue, but at least I try to allow people their own, albeit foolish, thoughts and pursuits (and they should do the same for us, yes?).

Humility is one thing. But to humiliate someone is to ask, to beg, for repercussions. Its to beg for them to come back as guerrilla fighters. And oh, we got what we asked for. No wait, Egypt, got what they asked for, but we're paying for it too! So let's drop the disgusting behavior of some of our friends and of our enemies and get back to being ourselves again:

Intellect, over the primitive.

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