Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Applied Philosophy

I was talking to my son the other night and we got into the concept of applied philosophy. What the hell is applied philosophy? I figured, hey, we came up with a new name for something.

Wrong. So wrong.

Just check out
"What Do We Mean By 'Applied Philosophy'?"
by Jonathan Dolhenty, Ph.D.

Oh. Okay. So, well....

"The term "applied" simply means "to put into practice" or "to be used practically.
First-order philosophical knowledge is primarily metaphysical in nature. Second-order philosophical knowledge includes axiology, ethics, politics, and aesthetics, disciplines which tend to be "normative" in nature. Third-order philosophical knowledge is, in my conception, where applied philosophy enters the picture."

I checked it all out. Sounded pretty cool. First, second, third levels of philosophy. What? Hmmm...I don't know, maybe not after all.


Then it said: "Applied philosophy, however, is never tightly woven."

Now that, sounded much better. Awesome, actually. That, I think I can work with....

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