Friday, October 22, 2010

Gays in the military

Before I go on, I just wrote a really great blog on this topic. It was one of those articles that you write, then sit back and go, "Damn, I just wrote a really good blog." Then I clicked, "save", and it blew up on me. Its gone, except for the first few lines. Well, with that said, I'm going to try to rewrite it now, but please forgive this rehash. I'll try to make it readable:

I just heard a US General stating that "I can tell you that an overwhelming majority, would like not to be, in a room with a person who is openly homosexual."

Really? Seriously.

What a baby. I mean really. This, is our American Fighting Force? Afraid of a Gay guy? You've got to be joking. What a pussy! Good god. Who really cares? IF that is a true and accurate statement, then we must need laws to put these guys in their place and force them to grow up in a modern society.

That's in part what laws are about. How do you think Blacks were dealt with in the days of the old Jim Crow Laws? They made white folks skin crawl just standing next to them, or drinking from the same fountain of water (ewwww, drink from the same fountain as a darky? No way). Or a Jewish person, how much have they been persecuted over the years? How about Japanese during WWII? Their sons were fighting along side white boys and Black, and in some cases were a great benefit, especially if they could speak Japanese; yet, their families were in Internment camps.

I can't believe the American Fighting man is worried about a Gay guy in the room with them. Sounds more like your lower class, uneducated soldier who needs, what? They need guidance from their superiors on how to act. Laws correct these discrepancies in society.

A Guy person needs to not degrade their uniform. They need not to boast about their sexuality, perhaps, like they do in civilian life. But as a Gay friend of mine for many years has pointed out, I've done the same, and he's had to suffer through my list of romantic situations for decades; yet I've heard very few of his. Something he held back from me out of respect and understanding. I had never realized how blind I was to the things I was saying, how my meeting a hot girl somewhere, kind of grossed him out. When he told me the exact same thing I had told him (and I wasn't giving any explicit details either), what he then said to me, did make me uncomfortable and I didn't really want to hear about it, but I was happy he had fun and found someone interesting. We just had to learn to pull back on what we shared with one another. When we hit that point, one of us would just go, "Okay, I get the drift" and the other would drop it or lighten up.

When I was in the service, I worked along side many Lesbians. I don't remember a single Gay guy. But some preferred working along side Lesbians for a variety of reasons. Our society has raised Lesbians in many cases, just look around at the mainstream ads with two women fondling one another, or alluding to it. Equal treatment for citizens. How did we know they were Lesbians? They didn't date guys, they were macho or masculine, even if they looked feminine. The females that were hetero, well, you could just tell, they flirted typically.

Did we assume some were Lesbian when they were not? Probably, but no one treated them bad, not that I saw anyway. And all the women, except for the ones getting out quickly through pregnancy, worked as hard or harder than the guys around them. And yes there were actually women running around looking for guys to have sex with, to get pregnant, to get out. Some of us, if we could have gotten pregnant, would have just to get out, too.

I think we need to make it clear that as long as any Gay or Lesbian in the military, will lay down their life, or kill to support the mission, we need to let them get to it.

But that has been problematic with heterosexuals throughout the history of the military too. Hasn't it?

One last thing. How is it that Gays get a free ride on this military thing?

All you homophobes, think about this for a moment. If citizens have to go and fight and die for our country, how come we seem to want to let Gays out of that sacrifice. And if they are citizens and you can't argue that they aren't, then they should be out there working too.

Aren't we thinking of this all wrong? What does that say about us? That we're only concerned for how people feel, in the military? Who CARES how the people in the military feel? When I was in the service, I don't remember ANY body caring how I felt about just about anything. "DO this, shut up. If we wanted you to have a smile, or feelings, we would have assigned them to you." THAT's what I remember about it.

So, how come we think Gays should get a free ride? Shouldn't they be out there, fighting and dying along with all the other people, who are straight, or A sexual, or non sexual, or what the hell ever?! Consider, if you think Gays shouldn't be in the military, then you are advocating they get treated special, more special, that the people IN the military. Kind of twisted, don't you think? Almost sounds like you really like them and want to protect them; maybe this has NOTHING to do with what the people IN the service want or think. Maybe its just your subconscious desires to have them stay here, at home, with you?

Think about it.

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