Monday, October 18, 2010

It IS illegal to be Gay!

Comments on this topic have seen others say that "its NOT illegal to be Gay". Really? I think perhaps, this is quite a misunderstood thing.

You see, there are judicial crimes, and there are social crimes. To say it isn't a crime to be Gay, is to refer to judiciary constraints. These are mandated by the Government. But underlying that, as it was during the unrest of the 60s with Blacks becoming first class citizens, are the Social Crimes. Those crimes designated perhaps not universally throughout the country such as with Judicial Crimes, but sporadically, and at a grassroots level; typically enforced by drunks, the ignorant, the unenlightened, and the "Joe Bob", two-names-are-one, backwoods, hillbilly crowd.

Actually that gives Hillbillies and rednecks a bad rap as many of those types of bigots are city dwellers who would resent being called a "redneck", and vice-versa. And these people are those who don't see themselves as bigots, which is part of the problem to begin with. You see, first you have to realize you are a lowlife, before you can decide to stop being a lowlife.

Until we, as a society, stop being judgmental according to religious and social mores, being Gay will indeed continue to be a crime, a social crime. Where does this originate from? Obviously, religious precepts. Why is everyone's God such a bigot? Originally these prescripts were to keep people from degenerating into animals (again). To not have sex with another man, just women, later, only for procreation, because that was loftier than indiscriminate sex. To not have sex with animals. To not worship animals. Basically, to not think like animals. To try to be something separate and apart from the "lower" life forms. In the West, it was to be and to think, more lofty. In the East, it was to become, "Enlightened", which I'd argue is a higher pursuit. But sometimes I think, animals really aren't the lower lifeforms; actually, we still are.

But we no longer have need of many of those religious laws. Much like tonsils, when they become infected and having been something good, they can turn against us; so religion that doesn't evolve, at some point, probably during the pre-middle ages, becomes suspect, suppurating and infectious, killing both spirit and knowledge and sometimes actually, people. Some religions are further down the chain of insanity have eating constraints that were solely based upon a lack of refrigeration in a desert environment. Laws like that have become superfluous.

So, should religion evolve over time? If its a "True" religion given by God, no, but since there is NO true religion, then yes, as we learn new things, we need to update, evolve religions, otherwise, we will continue to abuse and kill our own and others.

Why should there be a State where "church" and State are separate? I think this pretty much, says it all. Reflect on the Islamic practice of stoning a daughter when she has been trashy, sleeping with a many out of wedlock, refusing a husband sex, showing some breast or showing some nose. There is a reason I agree with Christopher Hitchens on many concepts. And this is certainly one of them (regarding religion).

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed...."

What is it, that people don't understand about this basic tenet of the United States of America? What the Hell does that have to do with "Don't ask, Don't Tell"? America, as preeminent in the world, needs to get its act together and if most, or many Americans are to be ignorant of what this country is, THEY need to be put down, put into their place, a place that substantiates the basic beliefs of the Founding Fathers. And with extreme prejudice, not gentle persuasions. We've treated these people gently for long enough. Its high time we, as a people, grow up, become enlightened and start supporting what this country was founded upon. Start kicking some ass and taking names if people refuse to be Americans. If YOU don't like it, YOU move to another country.

So tell me, what in the Hell does Jefferson's comments, what does the United States Declaration of Independence, have to do with "Don't ask, Don't Tell" for our Military? What has it to do with putting Cannabis users in jail? What does it have to do with keeping Gays from getting married?

Where did the America I grew up with, go?

Did I foresee Gays in the military? No.
Did I foresee people wanting to legalize another inebriant? No.
Did I foresee Gays wanting to get married? No.

Does that mean they all should be beaten to death, abused, or incarcerated, kept from being open and free, or to love who they want or to seal their feelings for another in a public and legal fashion?

Simply put, No.

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