Friday, October 29, 2010

The Founding Fathers

You know, it takes a strength of character to be in this universe on your own (sans deity). And a special intelligence to believe in reality.

Research has proved that to believe in an entity outside of yourself, can help you achieve things far beyond what you would have done without believing in that "outside force".

But this could also be your cat, your Father, or a rock, for that matter. It doesn't have to be God, not at all.

So, if you're into magical thinking, organized (or unorganized) religion, essentially, and I've met Wiccans more grounded in reality than most Christians, Muslims, even Buddhists, though Buddha's view of life mostly (not completely) makes more functional sense than the rest) etc.; well that's fine with me.

Understand what "magical thinking" means. People first and foremost always take it to be a negative connotation, as people tend to do with most words associated with a lot of baggage. But really it only refers to belief in something that is not considered "real" by the physical sciences.

Magical Thinking (in psychology) a belief that merely thinking about an event in the external world can cause it to occur. It is regarded as a form of regression to an early phase of development. It may be part of ideas of reference, considered normal in those instances, or may reach delusional proportions when the individual maintains a firm conviction about the belief, despite evidence to the contrary. It may be seen in schizophrenia. [and religion]
Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers. © 2007

Dereitic thinking, similar to a normal stage of childhood development, in which thoughts, words or actions assume a magical power, and are able to prevent or cause events to happen without a physical action occurring; a conviction that thinking equates with doing, accompanied by an unrealistic understanding of cause and effect. Examples: Dreams in children, in primitive peoples, and in Pts under various conditions.
McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine. © 2002

dereism a mode of thinking directed away from reality and toward fantasy without cognizance of ordinary rules of logic.
Ologies & -Isms. Copyright 2008

But not really. I mean, it takes all kinds to make a world go around. But the world would be a better place if we had fewer people looking down on those, not of their religion. So, those who would eliminate the thoughts of a deity could actually get some work done, could help some people on our own, and allow us to view life as we need to. But those types are too few and far between.

We need too much emotional support to be functional. Why? Well, we could look at childhood, the damage done there by our parents, our authorities in our proximity and just life in general; which would also have to include, our genetics.

The Founding Fathers of the USofA, thought that religion was a sad way for people to act, and especially so regarding governing of a State. Its why so many of them were FreeMasons. FreeMasons are a group that try to better themselves, to function better in society, without overbearing considerations to a God. But even they cannot go so far, as you have to believe in some kind of deity , a "Great Archetect", as it were.

So, if you can see beyond deity worship, then

And as for the Founding Fathers, please don't say, "but these were people who left England because of religious persecution".

No. They weren't.

Remember, these leaders, who we revere so much, who founded the US, were actually all born in America, for the most part, anyway. They didn't flee England to escape religious persecution. You're thinking of the Puritans, or the Quakers, or something. And, have you ever tried to deal with Puritans? Its little wonder they were pushed from their own homelands.

But, the Founding Fathers were able to see beyond religion, to a better way to live. They couldn't eliminate Church, so they did the next best thing. And, funny it is, how that has turned out to be the world's "Great Experiment".

Ironic now, how we have become a "Christian nation", which Obama recently has said, we no longer are, being also now, Islamic, Buddhist, and many others, both, reasonable and insane.

Catch up.

Is this a bad thing, to no longer be, a "Christian Nation"? Absolutely not. We may no longer be the "Melting Pot" of the World, and are more of a "Mixed Salad" now. But it will only take us back to our roots. It won't be long that Spanish will be more widely spoken in America than English. Still, then we will be right back to the religious issue, as most Latino's are Christian, if not Catholic.

So, how do you manage a situation like that? Separation, of Church and State.

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