Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gay Funerals & Christian "Free speech"

I have to say something on this topic as churches and religious groups seem to be targeting these people. Especially disrespectful and "unChristian-like" are the "Christian" organizations that are targeting funerals for Gay military who have died in the service of their country.

There is the first amendment right to free speech. Then, there are those who should, in their parlance, "Burn in Hell forever and all time." I wish them a warm reception.

I've never found it more despicable, disrespectful or disgusting, than the so called "Christian" groups who do the most unchristian-like things. If they were running for political office, I could at least understand it. But they are just unbelievably mean and should be repressed by a new law, free speech is to speak your mind without recriminations. Fine. But they should not be doing it anywhere near a group of grieving people who are simply trying to lay to rest a loved one.

THAT, disturbing a funeral, should be illegal. It appears this church has done this to 200 other military families, according to the father of the deceased solider in this article. This, is how we treat our soldiers when they are being buried?

From NPR:

"In 2006, Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder was killed in Iraq. His funeral in Westminster, Md., drew thousands inside and outside the church to pay their respects. But it also drew a protest from the Rev. Fred Phelps and six other members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan. Phelps and fellow church members have traveled the country in recent years, picketing at hundreds of military funerals to protest homosexuality in the service.

"They did not contend that Matthew Snyder was gay. Rather, as Phelps puts it: "When the whole country is given over to sodomy and sodomite enablers ... the country needs this preaching.

"Phelps contends that a country awash in sin needs to know that, 'boys are coming home in body bags. That's the punishment of God almighty upon this nation.'"
End NPR article.

"God hates fags and you're going to Hell," was the sign they were holding.

I believe people should start protesting this church, ANY church that holds such views. Churches, religions that are like this, need to be put down in the public forum. Stand outside, during their services, every single service. Get permission, be legal, and chant something disrespectful. Something as foul and putrid as this church congregation did to someone, to someone's family, who WASN'T EVEN GAY! Which is beside the point, other than, these idiots can't even get it right as to who they are protesting against. They are just doing the white trash, ignorant rant, supremacist, racist, sexist thing that all ignorant like to do.

What is especially bad, is the father of the deceased soldier, sued. Won five million. They that was overturned on appeal. So we need a law, not going against free speech, but protecting family. Which is more important? Family? Or Free Speech. Someone, needs to decide this. I suspect, its family. Free speech can still happen, just out of sight, out of sound, out of experience, of the grieving friends and family members.

Have some compassion, for God's sake, people! When did compassion, get sucked out of Christianity? This is in part, why, when I was Catholic, years ago, I said I was a Jesuit, not a Christian, because I had met so many "Christians" that were just despicable, hypocritical people. Jesus, was a cool guy. His religion, many times, just sucks, meaning his "chosen people" who carry on the organized religious aspects of his teachings, suck. But mostly, what Jesus said, all hearsay anyway, int he bible, is pretty cool.

"We are better than them." these fools think. "God loves us most. We will sit at the right hand of God! Our magical thought is real. We are all important. Other people do not matter." These things they say with their actions; these are their "Christian ideals"?

Like with the Islamic terrorists, how they took religion away from normal Muslims, the greater body of Christians should be furious. They should fight these *ssholes to take their religion back from such bastardizers.

When you consider things like how Christian missionaries brought death and destruction, Hellfire and brimstone to the peaceful tribes of remote locations worldwide over the centuries, one can only say:

"How utterly 'Christian'" of them.

But what can you expect from a church who's web site was Of course, they took down their web site, being the cowardly congregation they are. And even if that wasn't their web site, according to their way of thinking, what does it matter if it wasn't they web site, the world is going to Hell with religious groups such as theirs, so if we mistakenly put them down for a web site they didn't create (which I believe they did, actually), how does that factor in? Truth had nothing to do with their protest over gay funeral at a non gay funeral. Right?

So, check them out here.

GET Pissed off.
Send them antiLove mail.
Call them. Daily.
Give them unto their own devices and more.
Send to them their own form of "love".
Let the world know, what these Christians are like until they change their ways.
Piss their God off. Make him cower under the stairs with his congregation.
Because, I suspect, their god, is not the same God, of most Christians. Just like with the Islamic Terrorrists.

Right back atcha', losers....

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