Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The American Taliban

"The American Taliban" refers to those American Fascists who are against free speech, who are typically afraid, who want no one to speak out against whatever "they" are into or believe in. Screw them.

What I'm FINALLY (THANK YOU!) starting to see, is a backlash of Americans against all this kind of thing. We have lost personal freedoms that were becoming compromised anyway and, certainly much of our personal privacy. We are sending people out of America because of being illegal aliens when they should be handled appropriately. When we are ejecting parents of legal American children, we are abusing Americans (the children). When we eject part of a family who are not legal Americans, we may be damaging Americans in the process.

People are starting to finally see what we have been and are, turning into. Frightened, childish, lower denominator type nationalists. But we are better than that. We have been, we can be. We are Americans. We need to make that a statement that is a proud thing to hear, to say, ANYwhere in the world. But now what? We are afraid to say that in many places around the world. Or if we are not, we should be.

How do we change that? Well, how about we start acting like good people, even at our detriment at times. We need to do what is right, take the high road, help people everywhere to have a better life, not governed by our greed. We need to get a collar on corporations. We need to force our government officials to do a good job (take your partisanship and stick it up your *ss), we need to force them to push good laws. We need to better our people, our nation, our world.

People come first. We've forgotten that.

Why have we forgotten that?

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