Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ever create a universe?

Creating life.

My son has been trying to create life in our kitchen. Some metal rods, water, container, electricity, aluminum and saran wrap (hey, I don't know).

He ran it all together and came up with many bubbles. In a few hours, there was some kind of goop. It looked similar to the description given of what two scientists found in the 50s when they did something similar and created the basic building blocks of life on Earth, enzymes.

So we joked that maybe he had created life. or a Universe. But I had to pose the question, so if that makes you their "God", what does that make me? I mean, I pay the electricity here, you used things from my house to create this, "life".

Then it got us to thinking, how WAS our universe created? Was there a guy in a room in a house, and he created this universe? Sitting there partying with his friends, did he say, "Hey, check this out." And poof, our universe appeared?

And so if "God" created all things (in this universe, remember when life was less complicated and you just said, "God created all things, everywhere", but now "He" is limited?); what does that make his Dad? You could say, in the Catholic way, that "God" and His, Dad, are part of the Holy Trinity, the mysteries of God (etc., etc.,).

But what about "God's" "Dad's" "Dad", and His "Dad", and so on, and so on (and they told two friends, and they told two friends, and so on, and....).

Anyway, it makes one a little crazy to consider all this.

But still and again...what if?

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