Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video Games vs Dreams?

Okay, this isn't really about video games versus dreams. But it is about how they are very much the same. I was just talking to my son, who is a "gamer" and something occurred to me about video/computer games. I think, Felicia Day of "The Guild" webisode fame and Joss Whedon's "Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog", and he might get along really well.
About the games, think about it, games relax you, they can help you work out aggressions. I know they have helped me. Years ago, I used to get really frustrated at work sometimes. I'd get home, fire up my favorite video games and blow away some monsters. By time I got done, I started feeling better, I'd "blown off some steam". If you feel like you aren't accomplishing much, you can play a game and accomplish a level or game, puzzle, battle, whatever.

Dreams let you do pretty much the same thing. They are random. They allow you to work out issues from your daily life. If you are anxious, they give you anxiety dreams to either help you work them out, or bring them to your attention. If you are attracted to someone, you can bring that to your attention in your dreams by way of various devices and dynamics. Claims are made that climbing staircases, falling, etc., are symbols for sexual things.

So, I don't know, you can look at this in two directions. Video Games are like dreams, or dreams are like Video Games. Either way, you have the productive aspects of taking a mini vacation. Then again, you have wasting time.

Of course, they have a benefit. Just as vacations, have a benefit. But some people think wasting time enjoying yourself, or doing nothing on vacation is a bad thing. Happily, its all good. Moderation in all things, you know.

Someone once told me that you should do the extremes of what you can do on a daily basis. Stare into the distance as far as possible, examine something extremely close up, exercise your eyes, both directions. Mediate on a daily basis, and be extremely hyper, say aerobics and weight training. Whisper and scream. And so on.

We do not seem to have trouble in being too busy, too rushed, or too stressed out. So, why shouldn't we also be too still, too unrushed, too unstressed out? Games, dreams (and vacations) are all good for this. Just don't over do. Moderate.

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