Thursday, January 13, 2011


Suicide. There's always an alternative. No, really, there is. If nothing else, simply walk away from your life. Move, cut all connections, if you have to. Just remember, you, are always going to be there with you. So, its far easier to grasp at change from with in. And sometimes you need to ask for help on that.

If you think you need to commit suicide by midnight tonight, you have a problem, seek help. But, if you feel like you can wait till next Friday, well, you're doing good. Especially, if every Thursday, something comes up that makes you delay until the following week. Some things truly are, one step at a time. Just don't take that one step beyond.

People take different tacts at dealing with it. Death. Artists like Emilie Autmun, took her route (a much preferred route if you ask me). Others come up with other unique ideas. 

Ten Lucky suicide survivors.

I was always of the opinion that anyone who commits suicide was doing emotional violence to those around them who love and support them. And, it is. The question here that I didn't realize was, who is perpetrating that violence, and on whom?

Handbook of suicide for those who have lost someone to suicide.

When taken from the point of view of those cleaning up the mess, sometimes physical, always emotional, that is perhaps quite accurate. But when taken from the victim, something I've never been able to see clearly, I'm no longer so sure about it. Having gone through this with someone close to me, seeing how she was affected by a childhood friend blowing his brains out when he was drunk, I felt that he was just weak and was putting it to those who cared about him because they weren't helping him; a thought that was manipulative and just mean.

10 points about suicide.

But when seeing someone directly close to me going through it (and happily, not going through with it), I'm seeing an entirely different side to it.

Allegedly, research some years ago was done by a group questioning survivors of jumpers off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, said that 75% of the survivors said they changed their minds most of the way down (I cannot now find that research, so it may be a social myth).

Golden Gate Bridge Suicides, Then and Now.

The Bridge - a documentary.

Suicide Survivors

99 little known facts about suicide.

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