Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eating Fetuses in China for Health reasons?

This is pretty hard to look at. So if you are of a delicate nature, skip this specific blog article today. I almost did, but then, I felt I had to let people know about this.

Yes, apparently some eat aborted fetuses for health effects in China. A "different" kind of Ancient Chinese Medicine, I guess, certainly not any of the type I've ever heard of before.

This, is not social myth, from what I can see in these photos. What I've read about it, sounds true. Remember, that this is a basically non Christian, non religious society (for the most part, or at least from State mandate) for many years. They see things differently than we do. They are more pedantic about things, than emotional, or religious. We need to consider this not only in judging, but also apply it to ourselves and ask where, we are being merely religious, immature, or unrealistic.

I say that because when you see something of this order of magnitude in change from your own personal and nationalistic orientations, you have to step back, you have to ask yourself, re-evaluate things. You may not agree with this, but you may then, in your own self re-evaluation, see something in a related, or even unrelated area, and it may lead to a change for the better. Whenever we find something like that, we need to make use of it. But perhaps you cannot see what I am saying here?

I can only warn you, not to look at this, if you are of a delicate nature. This is information freely available on the internet, there is no age consent to find this, so I have no issue blogging about it. I had never heard of this before and when I hear of something that is that far from my knowledge, I feel a need to share it with others. At least, to make it available to those who are curious, or seek to know Humankind in all its contexts. Especially, if its a current, ongoing phenomenon.

Here are a couple of articles to read what I read, and a video of photos that pretty much say it all. Its pretty disconcerting, so be aware of what you are about to see.

Article: Aborted Babies Sold As Health Food

Article: Cannibalism in China is acceptable if for health reasons


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