Friday, January 21, 2011

Encyclopedia Dramatica

Have you heard about the Encyclopedia Dramatica?

Its acerbic,satirical, base, sometimes nauseating and occasionally quite funny.

But it could be worth a look if you are looking to kill some time.

Hard to say it better than Wikipedia.

"Encyclopædia Dramatica is a satirical open wiki built on MediaWiki software. Launched on December 10, 2004, it satirizes both encyclopedic topics and current events, especially those related to or relevant to internet culture. It is also associated with the internet subculture Anonymous. The site's "elaborate trolling culture", chronicling of internet trolling, use of content with shock value, and criticism of other internet communities have all gained media coverage and commentary. Some of the content on Encyclopædia Dramatica has been called "flamingly racist and misogynist", sexually explicit or otherwise disturbing, including uncensored material taken from shock sites.

"Encyclopædia Dramatica was founded in 2004 by Sherrod DeGrippo, also known as "Girlvinyl". It characterizes itself as "[d]one in the spirit of Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary". The New York Times has characterized the wiki as "an online compendium of troll humor and troll lore" that it labeled a "troll archive". C't, a European magazine for IT-professionals, noted the site's role in introducing newcomers to the culture of 4chan's /b/, a notorious Internet imageboard. An author has said that it is a platform from which to initiate "exchange between the sensitive and the cruel" in order to achieve the "joy of disrupting another’s emotional equilibrium" because it "intentionally disrupts online communities" whose members have an "emotional investment" in them. Encyclopædia Dramatica defines trolling in terms of doing things "for the lulz" (for laughs), a phrase that it qualifies as "a catchall explanation for any trolling you do.""


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