Friday, January 28, 2011

My Strange Addiction - TLC Channel

There is a new show, "My Strange Addiction", on TLC cable Chanel. I watched one show, just to check it out. I'm now on my third episode.

Do you have a strange addiction?

Here are some of the addictions explored on this show: sun tanning (kind of boring, but important to explore); shopping (boring, too common, but worth exploring for those who are addicted); running marathons (again, boring, but deadly if done too much); eating chalk (okay, now we're getting somewhere); eating toilet paper; sleeping with your hair blow dryer; treating a doll as a wife (we have a couple of movies/documentaries out on this one: "Guys and Dolls: A Real Documentary about Life-Size Sex Toys" about owners of the "Real Doll" full sized sex doll; and 2007's "Lars and the Real Girl", actually a sweet little movie), the individual on "Addiction" was also on the "Guys and Dolls" documentary; and, picking scabs (okay, an oldie but a goodie; and eating laundry detergent.

These all sound pretty bizarre but when you actually experience these case studies it's pretty amazing. Should one become addicted to this show? Probably not, but if you have any interest in human nature, you cannot avoid this one. Much like another show, "Hoarders" on A&E cable channel, which I recently watched and was amazed by. These shows are delving into the very personal lives of people who have problems, but it is beneficial to those people if they will allow these shows to get them help, as well as those of us who also have problems and we are not facing.

We may look at these poor people and think, "poor sods, I'm not like that", however, but except for the grace of God, there goes I, one might also think. These people get a chance to tell their story, share, then discuss with family and those who love them, and finally, a professional, in order to give them as much reality as they can handle and hopefully see them healed. For most of these people, all they are doing is trying to self sooth.

Typically these people have other issues in their lives, or another issue with self discipline. In some cases, their issue is with too much discipline, as in the marathon runner. His issues is seeking protection through being too busy, running, much the same as you see in Type A personalities or the classic workaholic.

So, forget about the voyeuristic aspects of this show, there are so many "reality shows" now, that everyone seems to be a voyeur. What is interesting in these shows is to learn about others, to be less judgmental, to get help when you need it and to look more closely at those you know need help, but are avoiding it.

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