Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In 1990 the existence of stay behind, Gladio secrets forces, who were hidden among the populations in Europe was made public. However, I never heard about this, until now. This seems to me, to be something that people should at very least, be made aware of.

On connaît dans nos colonnes le Dr. Daniele Ganser, qui travaille en Suisse, au Centre des Études de Sécuriuté de l’Institut Fédéral Suisse de Technologie de Zurich.

Ganser: "Well, first I checked how NATO, the CIA, and MI6 reacted in 1990, because that was the year when Gladio's existence was revealed to the public. As for NATO, first they came out in a press conference declaring: NATO has never engaged in secret warfare; unorthodox warfare is none of our business. But the next day, they had another NATO spokesman declaring: What had been said the previous day is wrong, but we cannot provide further information, because it's all classified. So, NATO in 1990 actually admitted that they had engaged in secret warfare, but refused to provide any details." 

It would seem that some of those forces, turned against the countries they were put in place to protect.Not untypical, putting elite forces secreted among a populace, to use their skills to better their situation. But it means those who put them there have a higher degree of responsibility to monitor them, if nothing else.

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