Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The New Military and an end to the God's of War and Weaponry

I have an idea. I've always heard that war, is a young man's occupation. That old men, make the decisions to send young men to war. I've heard it said, that we should take the president of our country, put him in a field, and have him fight the president of our enemy country. Or, the top Generals from each side.

I have another thought. Because, let's face it, neither of those things are ever going to happen.

Let's make it illegal for anyone under the age of forty, to be in the military. Interesting idea, yes?

How do you think that would work out? You might say, well, what about their military? Won't they use younger men, or women? If they do, then we break out the big guns and simply, wipe out their country. Period.

New law, under 40, means we go in and take out the government, and everyone else until its ended. But, they can option out and have the same military situation as everyone else.

So, then, when you get to a certain age, that age where you have NO desire to be going to war, I submit, there would be less wars. And the wars there are, will be much slower, much less damaging overall. While, back home, all those young people will be building up the country, putting new thought into work, changing things. And we get the dead weight and old fluff, killed off, more quickly, more efficiently and all those old jerks who are so concerned about putting others out to war, to making money, to ripping people off, will be sitting in a hole somewhere, wishing they could go home.

The shape of the military industrial complex would drastically change. Because, those in charge, will one day, be themselves, going to war, if there is one. Otherwise, they will have the chance to make war go away.

I think, the military industry would begin to dry up. The fat old, rich, greedy, self centered people who are now pushing way, pushing take overs, pushing death for money, would all drop dead of fear and bullets.

What about those who try to get out of it, who try to buy their way into an easy life? Nope, they have to go too. NO one would get out of it. Think of the motivating factors involved. People would be in a panic to end war. I bet, within fifty years, twenty years, maybe ten years, wars around the world, would end and we would move into a new age of enlightenment.

Something to think about.

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