Monday, January 10, 2011

Californication 2011 premiere

Well I just watched the season premiere of my favorite show, Californication.

Hank Moody has done it again. Funny, interesting, quirky, and unexpected. I love this show. Ah, if only to be so free of spirit as to be relaxed at anything, saying, anything you wish to say, but on the other hand, what you say is perfected scripted and completely appropriately designed to state the needed and shock the mediocre, titillating the brilliant and interesting in the room.

If only to be so together, yet dysfunctional, of course, I could most definitely skip the dysfunctional. Well, I would, but let's face it, dysfunctional, I can do. I can play it in my pj's, my tux, my shorts, at a roast, on some toast, yes, its pretty much me all over in that realm.

But, alas, I'm no Hank Moody. I was perhaps a faint reflection of one, at one time, years ago, but a more Seattle version, or less focused version, more perhaps like a PNW version. And not as a writer. I'm still working on that part. And of course, in a longer frame of time. What Hank can pull off in twenty-four hours would take me at least a six month stretch to accomplish. Actually, perhaps, I wasn't a lot like him at all.

All I can say is, thanks to the writers of Californication, thanks to David Duchovny, as I don't know who else could pull it off so perfectly as he does.

And to all those people who look down on me for liking the show, I have only one word for: Scrotum. No? Okay. How about headlights? No? Bonkers? Well, I said I was no him.

Anyway, deal with it. If you don't like that, well then, sometimes, reality just sucks.

But I'm liking it from this side. And next week, another new episode. Go Hank!

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