Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aim to Misbehave

In the film, Serenity, Mal (character, Capt. Malcolm Reynolds) says that some day the government will try to make people better again (after having failed unbelievably badly) and that has to stop. This was said during his Miranda speech near the film's end.

This has a real world correlation. If you look about you, you can see it happening now. The US Government and not only the US government, but most governments, I think, merely as a process of their development, do this. They are there, set up to run the country, to be a force for good, but in the end, they always seem to try and fix everything, and everybody, just to justify their positions.

Part of the problem there is that every job, every manager, every company, every government position, has to justify their position. If not to themselves as it should be, then to some higher authority. They have to produce, and in that, lies the rub. They cannot just be in their job, waiting for the next thing, they have to always be doing something. So sometimes, the invent things. Sometimes they do indeed think they are helping. But in the end of what they plan, and execute, they find, and sometimes they don't even find this out, that they make things worse.

And so, things are thought up, and carried out, that should never have been started in the first place.

Other times, its just delusion, or focus too much on something that really isn't anyone's business. People have problems with boundaries, especially, when put in position of "caring for" others. As we need commissions and authority to oversee that things are done, so also we need advocates to protect us from our own protectors. Special interest groups, factions, religious groups, and others, many of which are merely a local minority, get things pushed through and instituted to where other people who have no voice, or think they have no voice, are put down, incarcerated, or at very least, abandoned.

Sometimes, as Mal says in Serenity, you have to aim to misbehave. At times you need to just do what is right, and tell no one; cover it up, forget about it. Other times, you need to push through your own agenda, to correct what has been incorrectly put into practice. But this is far harder.

What we do need to do, if nothing else, however, is the see when these things are happening, and Do something about it. You may receive no thanks, or even suffer for it at times. But if everyone started doing that, I think in the end we would have a better living environment; or at very least, things would be invigorated enough that things will fall about in far better order. People would become more fluid in their motivating things to correctly run.

How can we do that? As I said, try to do what is right, even if you have to be quiet about it. When possible, speak up, speak out. Push for change, push for people to be forced into being intelligent, thoughtful, effective.

And one more thing, remember, we do not, what the common man running things. The last thing we need is Joe the Plumber as President. We want the superior man. Or the superior woman. Gender is unimportant. What is important, is that we have those who can most functionally and intelligently think. To be proactive. To be persuasive. To stand up, get things done, even through the sad, sick, thick morass of common foolishness and yes, for a big part, those of the current Tea Party configuration. Some of them are intelligent and mean well, but there seems to be far too many who are not of that persuasion.

So, try to think things through, beyond what is nominal and on to what is superior and try, to make things just a little bit better. Or, a lot bit better, if you feel so disposed. Go for it.

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