Saturday, May 21, 2011

Well, it's Rapture time. Missing you guys already....

Message to my Earthbound friends: It's RAPTURE Time!

I sit now on high here with "the Dude", watching all that transpires below us on Earth and I do miss all of you my friends. You know, if you look around you, you probably won't see anybody missing, because, well....
The Dude Himself
We were all quite surprised up here how few people actually got Raptured today. I count, uh, one, two, three... about eight of us. Not one Fundamentalist among us, either. Surprising, yes?

Actually surprising just who got left behind and I never expected me to be sitting up here.

I've already put in for a day pass so I can come back and visit, and maybe hide out among you because it's unbelievably boring up here.

By the way, the only virgins up here are all like 72 years old and really annoying chatterers; some look a bit like Cenobites, actually. And no, if you're asking, no Osama Bin Laden up here.

Well, at least you can know, you now only have 1,000 more years of a Godless Earth before the absolute end. I do wish you all well. And yes, having that get out of jail free card", is pretty awesome, or will prove to be. Hang in there, you'll see what I mean soon enough.

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